How do you do a vibe-free throw?

Hey there, I was yoyoing when I realized that whenever I threw any of my yoyos, they noticeably vibed. It wasn’t them because they didn’t after the fingernail test thing, so it must be my throw.
All of you forum members who are better than me(which is nearly all), please assist me. How do I throw the yoyo so it doesn’t vibe? Do I need to throw harder, or throw in a different way? Please help. The vibe doesn’t impact play, but it annoys me. Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

I’m pretty sure that it’s going to vibe slightly no matter what but with practice you can get it pretty smooth.

The better your throws are the less vibe you should experience.

Just keep practicing.

Keep practicing your throw.

Vibe is a fact of life, like overripe bananas or colonoscopies. Not pleasant, but everyone has to deal with it.

Being able to ignore it is I think the best thing to do.

But that dos not preclude the fact that having a good, straight throw is the most important thing for developing your skills.

So continue to practice your throw, making it straighter. The vibe is very possibly caused by the string rubbing against the side of the yoyo, a result of a crooked throw.

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throw it straght and heard