Wobbly Throw

Every time I throw the yoyo has a little bit of wobble. I know it’s not the yoyo cause a can smooth it out with my fingernail. Does anyone have tips for a non-wobbly throw?

Not sure about this but my yoyo vibes/wobble when I:
Screw up my throw
Sometimes, it’s the yoyo
Vibe tends to name from the yoyo. So like in a BST, if they sell a beat up yoyo, they’ll tell you if it affects play. Well that means the vibe, comes from the yoyo. And, sometimes in retailers, they tell you if they vibe much.

But the yoyo doesn’t take all the blame though. I’ve had my non-vibey yoyo vibe when I don’t throw good. Try releasing your yoyo not too soon but not too late. And flick your wrist more. Don’t bend your elbow like they tell you to bend it like a muscle. Just deal with it.

Make sure it winds tightly and make sure the throw is strong. That should reduce vibe to a minimum.

is it an bear vs man?

Does it matter?

Then it’s your throw. It’s a bit off. The yoyo isn’t going down straight. I sometimes have the same problem. Some yoyos are more susceptible to this, particularly if the are heavily rim weighted. I have an X-con and if the throw is not dead on, it will wobble. Watch your throw and correct as needed by a slight twist in your wrist one way or the other.

Actually, it is a BvM.

It doesn’t matter because it’s his throw.

omg many people say that the bvm wobbles

I find that if the yoyo goes straight down, whether its on a 45 degree angle or straight down it will produce vibe as the force reaches a dead stop at the end of the string. Therefore to reduce this crash at the end and dissipate all that raw energy, it helps to make or guide the yoyo through a centrifugal swing and progressive descent. For example on a break away, make a full arch when you throw, almost as if you are aiming for the ceiling, although not straight up nor quite that high. Just high off to the side and the yoyo will follow through outward into this radius and will swing smoothly down and you will see the difference. The yoyo should already be at the end of the string way before it reaches the floor. This goes for the forward throw too, rather then shooting it straight down, make the forward arch. It took me a long time to discover this but try it out and see how it works for you. Also if the string is under high tension, this will affect the throw as well. Make sure there is no tension where the string wraps into itself before the throw.