trouble with my throw

Hey guys,
I think i might have something wrong with my throwing technique. When i throw straight down (not a breakaway) the yoyo gets to the end of the string and bounces a little bit. And usually when i throw whether its a breakaway or a regular throw the yoyo doesn’t stay spinning stably for very long, it like slants to the side after a while and eventually starts twisting around. Am i doing something wrong, or is it that i have an imbalanced yoyo or something?

When you throw make sure you have the bottom of your hand aligned with the ground if not it will seem off balanced :smile:

okay thanks for the advice i’ll try to make sure i do that

I don’t know how long you’ve been playing, I’m guessing not long.

If that’s the case, this is something that I think happens to almost everyone. When I first started throwing unresponsive, I was devastated about it because my throw always tilted to one side and wasn’t stable very long. I thought “well, if I can’t fix this then I can’t progress at all!”.

But, I just kept doing what I could, and over the course of 2-3 weeks the issue just fixed itself. Now I have trouble getting a throw that isn’t really good, even if I let my form get weird.

eh i’ve been throwing for about a year. a lot of my throws are fine, but sometimes i’ll get in a funk and just have a bunch of throws that tilt and stuff. sometimes i think its because my string has too much tension. would that have an impact on the yoyo tilting?

not in my experience just a throw that’s not straight.

This happens to me sometimes and I find that for me the problem is that I am not throwing hard enough. This may be your problem.

Put a little bit more focus on your throw. Try not to just unconsciously toss it. If you notice that your yoyo is tilted left on a bad throw, try to tilt your hand to the right on your next throw. If you find your throw is tilted right on a bad throw, try to tilt your hand to the left on your next throw. Overcompensating will help your muscle memory remember what is right and wrong. Hope this helps! :]