tips for better yoyo throwing (tilt problem)

i just got a Duncan freehand zero and I’m having trouble keeping the yoyo sleeping straight without having it tilt to the left :-\ . the weird thing is when i throw imperials i don’t have this problem at all ???
yomegas and even cheap yoyo’s i can throw them and have them sleep just fine. people tell me it might be my throw but how does that explain why i can do it with other yoyo’s and not this one ??? this is killing me i love this new freehand but i cant use it to I’ts full potential what am i doing wrong?

Alot of it has to do with how you grip it, try gripping the yoyo a few differant ways and see if that helps at all. People will generally naturally grip imperials shaped differantly than butterfly shaped ones so that may be the source of your problem.

im throwing the butterfly the same way i throw imperials a three finger grip how else can i hold it?

I actually throw my yoyo a little across my body, from right to left. Not a lot, but it’s not a “straight” throw, and I get straight results.

i try to throw it as straight as possible and i get sideways geez :-\

i did notice that my arm naturally tends to turn slightly to the left when i throw but could it really be that simple?

Just keep throwing it, tilt your hand the way that will straiten it. like if it is tilting to the left cock your hand to the right a little more and vise versa.
also I found it helpful to not really hold the yoyo that much just let it roll out your hand.
lastly make sure your hand is not flipping over during the throw, normaly I get people to leave their hand upside down till the yoyo hits the end of the string.

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Maybe those bearings with the grove that keep your string in the middle will help me out?

ill try that out see if it helps thanks

The groved bearing really won’t help with tilting much. Not saying it won’t help at all, but it won’t help with a strait throw. Once you throw it and it is crooked the grooved bearing will help it not fall over more. But that is about it.

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i see i guess it come back to that throw technique im gonna work on it then

Are you throwing a breakaway or a regular throw?

Just try to keep your hand level with the floor (I hope your floor is level).

I hope this helps.


A grooved bearing may help.
But it is pointless to have a centerd string with a bad throw.

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It won’t help your throw, but the string will be right in the middle of the bearing, if that makes it any better for you.

The only way to fix a bad throw is via practice. Don’t worry, it can take a long time to get it right. Worry about getting it usable so you can progress. The additional throwing will help you constantly refine and improve your throw.

I don’t know how new you are to throwing unresponsive, butterfly shaped yoyos but I just moved from responsives like the Imperial a few months ago. Had the exact same issue. I had thrown fine for years until I switched over. No matter what I did it fell slightly to the left.

The advice I got was just to keep practicing tricks. About 3 weeks of tricking and not worrying about my throw at all…my throw became stable. I’d advise doing the same.

throw with the wrist and not your whole arm, maybe that will help.