Help with my Wide Sport...

For some reason, every time i throw it, the yoyo is tilted to one side or the other. Naturally this kills the spin time since the string is rubbing on the side of the yoyo, bu tit also makes it harder to land tricks as well.
This is my first yoyo, so naturally i learned to play on it as well (meaning its hit the floor more than once), don’t know if that contributes to the problem or not, probably doesn’t help though.
If anybody can shed some light on this, I’d appreciate it. Thanks

Are you throwing straight?
Practice your throw.

I assume I’m throwing straight. I’ve tried to change the way i throw it, sometimes it works, most of the time though it doesn’t. Very well could be that my throw is off and i need to change that. Thanks for the idea.

Yeah I used to have that problem.
The throw is very, very important. :stuck_out_tongue:

K, i’ll try to work on that and see if thats the problem. Thanks again

Also, this is a good thing to practice when you are using strings.

Also, usually if you’re right-handed, it tilts to the left.

If you’re left-handed, it tilts to the right.

Domanant + Recessive Alleles. ;D


Probably not the answer your going to want to hear, but it is extremely likely that it is your throw. Practice, throw harder, rinse and repeat.

Thanks to Samad, the video was quite helpful. And pretty much, as it turns out, my throw needed work, as a few of you have suggested, so thanks to all for your input. ;D