Vibey Throw..

I keep on noticing that when i throw my shutter, it almosts always vibes in the beggining, then calms down after doing a trick.
When i did the fingernail test, it was completely smooth, and barely makes a sound when i put my nail against it.
is there anyway to fix this?

Fix your throw.


Make sure the yoyo is thrown down straight and travels to the end of the string in a straight path.

Agreed It is most likely your throw, If the yoyo is smooth on the fingernail test, but not as smooth when you first throw it, try to make sure you throw as parallel as possible.

Srry I didnt make it clear, but my throw on my other yoyos(classic equilateral DM2) they are all fine.
It just seems my shutter vibes on throw way easier.
will this affect play if it’s only vibeing in the beginning and subsides later?

Different shaped/sized throws can come off your hand differently. I have had a similar effect with some new throws until I adjusted to the shape or size.

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The dm2 has a super high wall so it makes throws easier and the added rim weight keeps it pretty stable. Even the equilateral has a slightly bigger wall. The shutter has super low walls so if your throw is bad it’ll be more noticeable. If it smooths out from touching it that means it’s your throw. The low walls will make some tricks easier later on though so keep practicing.

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^ very true, some yoyos are harder to throw smoothly than others.

Thanks guys, you were right :stuck_out_tongue:
I found a way to throw it so It almost always comes off smooth
So if I throw it and it vibes, will it decrease spin time even if it smoothed out?

Vibe is good

It’ll most likely smooth out as you go through your combo so best to just leave it as you go. It will be unnoticeable as to the amount of time you lose from vibe unless it’s really bad. Touching it to smooth it out will definitely decrease spin time though.