how to fix wobble in sfx?

help me…thank you.:slight_smile:

Do you mean vibe?
Every yoyo does have an amount of vibe but SFX shouldn’t vibe much.
It’s probably your throw. If you fix your throw, that’s your best bet.

When you throw, try not to just bend your arm and flick and release. Because I have many friends doing that and every time they do that, no matter what yoyo it is, it vibes.

Try using your wrist to flick and don’t just “let go” of the yoyo, try to “push” it or like you’re trying to spin it real fast.

I have a better idea. After you throw it let it sleep and take your finger, lightly touch the yoyo. take your finger away and look it. Is it Vibrating now? Did it smooth out? If yes then work on your throw. If not then did you ding it? When did you get it?

We need more information to help other than just how to fix wobble. That tells us nothing really.

Did you bend the yoyo, or maybe the axle?

Did you over tighten the yoyo?

Is it not tightened enough?

Did you shift the Solid Axle system?

Did the yoyo hit the ground hard?

Is there cracks?

One way or another, each of these ways and more can cause a wobble. Please be more specific.