Is it possible vibe in a chief is caused by the axle?

And replacing it would help?

The axel is fixed to the yoyo so that really has nothing to do with it. Try replacing the bearing. BTW have you dropped your chief or is it mint? If you dropped your chief then that is what could have caused vibe.

Hope this helps :wink:

Nope never dropped it

check your bearing. I had the same problem with my summit and when I changed the bearing the vibe went away. ;D

Bent axles can cause vibe. It’s hard to bend one, though.

Take the axle out, find a known “true” flat surface, and roll the axle. You’ll see right away if it’s bent or not.

^^ A bent axle will do it.

Also, CLYW yoyos (other than the Summit) have a floating axle system, which means that unless locked into place, the axle can move change positions when you take the yoyo apart and screw it back together. This also means that it can be “tuned.”,9488.msg102569.html

Tried 15+ bearings and axle isn’t bent…

Gotta try tuning, then.

Then you might as well just throw it away. It’s worthless.

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A lot of the time, my throws aren’t perfectly level and smooth. They’ll initially have vibe but tend to smooth out after a few seconds of being played in string tricks.

Has anyone suggested the fingernail/thumbnail test? Gotta eliminate the throw of the yoyo itself out of the equation. After that, bearings and then axle. Then it’s a drop of blue LocTite on the axle, let it dry overnight, then start tuning. Teflon tape works good too, I just don’t care for it.

Try threading the axle all the way into one half, by hand. With the socket hex facing up. Then assemble the Chief and see if the vibe is reduced. If that didn’t work try threading the axle all the way into the other half and try it again.

Usually that tunes it out for me 75% of the time.

If it still has vibe then probably either squished it while it was in a pocket, or hit the ground, or over tightened, or cross threaded … could be many things. Hard for me to tell without seeing it in person.

Ya its kinda disappointing to spend sooo much on a 7075 chief and it has vibe and I didn’t drop it or anything
Just a bummer…

guess you’ll just have to play with it

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The 7075 chief I had wasn’t completely smooth either. It just took a little tuning and it was a smooth as a General Yo.

This!! THIS!!

WOW This is exactly what I do every time… Always works for me!!

This whole vibe thing is stupid. Can you actually feel the yoyo pulsing when you do tricks? Does it fell like an electric tooth brush when your doing a grind?

The inside could be bent :-
Or do what detective jhb8426 suggested ;).

Thanks for the helpful comment

In my experience it is soooo rarely a bent axle. Axles are made of steel.