Axel stuck! Help!

Hey! I got a chief from nicholi2789, and I love it, but then suddenly i threw it and it became really vibey on the string. It wasn’t the bearing, and i dont know what it is. If anyone has any information or has been in the same situation, let me know!



EDIT: So, upon trying to fix my vibey chief, I tried a different axel. I tried to get it out, but it was stuck, and pliers only scraped it. What else can I do to get the bearing out?

Check to see if a response pad is sticking up.

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Is the axle bent? That’s the chief cause of vibe for my yoyos.

How does an axle get bent?

If it hits the ground fairly hard.

It might be the bearing. It happens. Clean it.

I did a buy from nicholi2789. He’s completely legit. He wouldn’t sell or trade something bad.

It was bearing seat damage from a time i dropped my yoyo while it unscrewed itself :(. Oh well.

I have an pretty old Chief that vibes a bit when the axle isn’t in the right position. Try unscrewing it and repositioning the axle until you find a spot that reduces vibe the most. It’s a hassle, but if you care about smoothness, I guess it’s a necessity.

You could have shared that tidbit of information at the beginning.

Your options are limited. Re-tapping might be the way to go. Totally redo the bearing seat area. This will also require a new axle. If done properly, this might be the cure to your problem.

I take it when the yoyo dropped, the axle was the side that went down?

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What is re-tapping? And yes.

Re-tapping is redoing the part where the axle go in. I know Landon Balk does it, you can contact him by his username here, 3YO3.


In all seriousness.