yyj axle stuck need help


I have many many Yoyojam yoyos that have gotten their Axles stuck in one side of a yoyo. I have only two yoyos that havent gotten the axle stuck and they both have konkave bearings, so im thinking that the type of bearing contributes to the yoyos axle. If you know how to get the axles out and how to prevent it getting stuck or how to make the spins less shaky. Thank you ;D


Check to see if the allen hole is on the side that is sticking out - that’s the absolute best method for removing the axle.

Also, the bearing type does not effect the axle type, at least on the vast majority of yoyos.

As for making the spins less shakey, I’m not too sure what you mean. Do you mean vibe when the yoyo is spinning?


The type of bearing has nothing to do with if a axle gets stuck in a side.

How tightly is it stuck? Can you get it out with your fingers? If not, wrap some rubber bands and use a vice to take out an axle.

How shaky is the yoyo? When you throw it down, touch the area near the bearing with your finger nail… Is it still shaky? If not, then it’s your throw that makes it shaky. If so, then you either have vibe or wobble. If so… Can you see the shakiness on the yoyo? Or is it only on the string? If it’s on the yoyo, it is wobble. (It would look like it’s wobbling) if it’s on the string, then it’s vibe. Can you do grinds? If so, can you feel vibrations when you do grinds?

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(shhhh…quiet…this must be a secret because everyone forgets to mention it!) Just find two nuts that fit on the axle. Thread both onto the axle. tighten the nuts against each other. Take a wrench and unscrew the axle from the yo, by placing it on the appropriate nut. So easy! So overlooked! So safe! So, so, what are you waiting for? Do it! :wink:


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@jake yea I meant vibe sorry

@shadowz really because when the bearings start sounding funny that’s when the axle tends to get stuck

@skirtz can u send me a video or something because I don’t really understand


When the bearing starts to sound weird is probably when you start to pay the most attention to the guts.


I don’t understand



No video that I know of but here’s a link that describes it (again). It’s really quite simple, just tighten two nuts together on the axle and use a small wrench to unscrew it…