888 vibe

Hey everyone, I need help because my '09 888 has a bit of vibe, I think that it’s the axle, because I can move it a little bit up and down, does anybody know how I can repair this ??

You can put some teflon tape around the axle itself, or put some loc-tite under it; Ithose can be found at home depot, and probably lowes.

To make sure it’s not you, throw and put your hand to it. If it smooths, than it’s u.

I’m certain that it’s not me, I pull started it and it had vibe and I also threw it, finger tested and it still had vibe I don’t know if teflon tape will work but I’ll try :slight_smile:

Have you hit it on anything?

unfortunately…yes :-, it hit concrete a few times but it didn’t have vibe (nothing noticeable at least), not until now :-[

I’m just going to put [this] out on the table.

you could by new axle that might help

i hit my skyline on the floor and it has vibe now what can i do plz help

You should check to make sure the axle isn’t bent by removing it from the yo-yo and rolling it across a table. Look directly where the middle of the axle meets the table. If it lifts off the table then you know that the axle is bent. If it is bent then you should replace it with a M4-.7 setscrew from the hardware store.

the loc-tite will probably make the axle almost impossible to take without damaging the yoyo

That isn’t a problem if you use the right formula of Loctite. The one I use allows the setscrew to still be moved but with a little more effort. That makes it great for tuning.

What type of bearing are you using? What condition is the bearing seat in?

My 888 picked up a really strange vibe, and after I sent it in to YYF, they deduced that it was most likely because the Konkave bearing I was using sat too tight on the seat and scraped some ano off of the bearing seat, causing a wierd jerky vibe and an uneven seat.

After you try everything else, if you still can’t fix it, contact YYF at contact@yoyofactory.com or PM yoyofactoryben. I will warn you though, they most likely will dismiss your case altogether because of the obvious signs of impact, which is most likely where the vibe came from in this instance. it may have just taken a while for the vibe to onset or for you to notice it after the impacts.