DV888 vibe

Does anyone know how to fix the vibe on a dv888? i dropped it today and it has some vibe to it now, which sucks. I am just happy the bearing is ok.

Try replacing the axle. It may be a bit bent.

Just from dropping it on a laminate floor??

Yes, doesn’t take much sometimes. It’s a cheap solution to try in any event.

Try a Loop 1080, I have bent my axle (everyone should know from threads I have made) several times. It is just bendy.

I remember someone in the chat room talking about Bicycles and Axles, They said something like this (not 100% accurate): Some axles are made out of the same material as most bikes, because its bendy. And they bend it to form a bike.

Ok, well I bought a set screw from home depot and it works, but idk if it made a difference. How can I tell the difference between vibe and the throw being regularly having some vibe.

Does it feel less vibey?

try a finger grind. that’s the only way to really test vibe from the axle. it will spin free and without/with less wobble on your finger if it worked.

So does it feel better or not?

A test (sort of) - Throw a good sleeper. Raise the yoyo to eye level. Gently touch the yoyo with the tip of a fingernail. If it smooths out it’s you. If not, it’s probably the yoyo, but just how bad is it? Most yoyos have some small amount of vibe, imperceptible as it may be.

No yoyo can be perfect :). Throw it pull it up to your level and put your pointer under it like a finger grind^. Put do not let go and let it grind, just let it touch your finger slightly while still holding it.

Ohhh, That’s a revelation, I didn’t know that…

I was putting both in one.

wait what? You don’t want a bike’s frame to be “bendy”. You want it to be as stiff as possible. And alloy bikes aren’t formed by bending the metals, they’re straight pipes welded together. Plus most bikes now are made of aluminum. entry level race bikes out of aluminum w/ carbon forks. Then high end race bikes out of all carbon fiber, or occasionally titanium. Old bikes were generally chromoly steel frames. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t believe any of those materials are common in axles.

I said not 100% accurate. He meant its bendy to bend into place.