DV888 with vibe

Yeah, my friend got a DV888 in a trade with vibe, he said it was like that when he gave it to me. And it’s probably not fixable.

But I am just wondering where the vibe is coming from. The axle isn’t bent.

The only things I can think causing it are, the axle hole was somehow opened so the axle can thread through and out.

Could it be that the axle using in the center?

It doesn’t bother me, but the polish would look better if it was smooth.

It has been Cut. It’s been modded, the rims are shaved down and there is a small dip in the middle, like a H Shape throw.

If it’s been modified in the way you describe all bets are off on fixing it. Probably a poor job on the cutting and it’s out of balance or the axle hole got messed up in the process.

It was vibey before modded. And my friend is really good at modding, I doubt it’s off balance.

Not sure what you’re gunning for here, maddog. You asked where the vibe could come from, and the mods are the most obvious answer. If you don’t believe people telling you that, why ask the question?

The tolerances needed for their to not be any vibe at all are extreme. They’re tight even for “minimal vibe”. I don’t care how good a modder your friend is, I agree that “all bets are off”.

If it had vibe to begin with, the answer is still easy: it was slightly off balance to begin with. And that’s right from a relatively precise manufacturing process.

So your saying it was messed up or possibly B grade when my friend got it, then he cut it and it got a little worse?

Without first-hand experience, that’s more or less the only reasonable conclusion to draw based on what you’ve said.

Whether it was originally “messed up” or “B-grade” is a whole other matter. We’ll never know. But it’s worth mentioning that not all yoyos are expected to be smooth as glass even right out of the box.

Its got vibe and some wobble.

We’re going in circles. :wink: Vibe and wobble are caused by one of three things:

  1. unbalanced halves
  2. axle imperfections (either the axle itself, or the threads machined off-center by a smidge)
  3. Asymmetrical halves

We don’t have a time machine to go back and test its original condition, but if you say it had some vibe, we’ll have to take that as a given. If it had a LOT of vibe, it was already messed up (from the factory, during transit, after receipt, etc).

Then if you mod it, you are exponentially increasing the risk factors for making it get wobbly. That’s all there is to it.

There’s no mystery to be solved.

I have had vibe caused by a dusty bearing.

It has a smooth one month old Center Trac.

Some yoyos just come with a little vibe. It doesn’t mean that the yoyo is messed up - it just has a little vibe.

Sometimes yoyos just get more vibe. A hard knock, while rare, can give a yoyo heavy vibe.

As for the wobble, I can almost guarantee that it’s the mod. No doubt about it. Any kind of hand reshaping a yoyo is bound to cause vibe. The tolerances required for a vibe/wobble free yoyo are almost impossible to do by hand.

Making a smooth yoyo requires holding NASA level tolerances. .0002" tolerance is required on the bearing post. The other concentrically important parts also have similarly tight tolerances. Modding can easily take a yoyo out of tolerance.

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Well, the axle hole was re threaded, your saying that can make it out if tolerance?

He’s saying that whatever your friend did to it could likely be the cause, as in cutting the shape or as you note the axle hole. You do not have the tolerances needed when cutting manually. Time to write it off to experience.

The person my friend got it from fell out of a tree on the DV888 causing vibe…

Random question, not directly related, can satin finishing a yoyo cause vibe? I’ve done two without much problem…

Yes. Only if done incorrectly, meaning you “shave” off too much metal. This won’t be hard to avoid, just spend most time with finer grits

Let’s review this…

  • It was reshaped
  • The axle was re-threaded
  • somebody fell on it
  • It’s got vibe

Your story gets better day by day. As I said earlier, write it off and be done with it.


Then what’s the point of this thread if there has been an answer?