Dv888 vibe.

Ok so I was doing 5a with my dv888 and I was trying to do Nate sutter’s sideways 5a thing. It started to do UFO and the string got to loose and the yoyo came out of the string, hit the ground slid for a ways then stoped sliding (but kept spinning) and came unscrewd.

So now it vibes. And i’m not questioning if that made it vibe (i’m sure it did) I want to know if it will get better or not, and what in the yoyo is making it vibe now? Did i bend the axle? Or the metel?

It’s not a huge vibe (it doesn’t really effect the play) but when I used to grind It was smooth and would just sit on my hand, now it vibes and jumps around like a yyj.

Please help,

the only thing i can think of is that it bent the axle a little but this hasn’t happened to me so idk.

I looked at the axle an I don’t think that’s it.

Try taking out the axle and putting it back in… Im not sure… Send a PM to Ben from YYF

He should be able to answer any question you might have

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If putting the axle back in a tuning it doesn’t work, put some teflon tape on the axle. That will probably help it.

Teflon tape doesn’t help a big deal. Mine has a vibe from dings too.

I suggest experimenting with bearings. Sometimes a really smooth bearing can kind of dull down the vibe a bit.

Stereotype. Haha. But a true stereotype. 8)

I put my superstar bearing in it and the vibe was still there.

superstar and dv8 88 = same bearing

I know but i though maybe i had messed up the bearing and a good bearing would fix it but it didn’t.

Yeah, YoYoFactory yo-yo’s usually vibe when they get a good beating. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, though. If it doesn’t affect play, then don’t worry about it. Vibe adds to the character of the yo-yo, and isn’t as bad as everyone hypes it up to be, IMO.

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you might have messed up your bearning i would recomend a ceramic konkave

hw just said it wasn’t the bearing, and well, i think u should just play it cause there isn’t much u can do.

My good man, you have a dreaded malady known as a “bent axle.”

It’s not going to get better. I wish I were more familiar with the DV888, as I’m not sure you can replace the axle in them. If you can, doing so should clear the vibe up completely unless you’ve somehow managed to warp the body with the hit. (This is highly unlikely, though, as this normally requires a hit that results in a LOT more than just a bent axle.)

Why do I get the suspicion that you can’t replace the axle in those? Can someone confirm this?

didn’t he say it wasn’t the axel?

I am sure that you can replace the axle… I can remove the one in my G5 so Im sure that he would just need to get another… Try the one from your super star and see…

And its quite possible that its a small bend that would be hard to see…

Take the axle out and roll it on a flat surface… You should see it bobble if its bent… A pool cue test…
good luck!

But you can’t tell for sure by just looking at it. Replacing it would be the best solution.

I rolled it across a flat surface and it is NOT bent. I don’t know what is wrong but i don’t really care, it doesn’t effect play so i’m just gunna leave it.

Thanks for everybodys help.

I rolled it across a flat surface and it is NOT bent. I don’t know what is wrong but i don’t really care, it doesn’t effect play so i’m just gunna leave it.

Thanks for everybodys help.
Vibe gives it character!

I had the same problem, my dv888 vibed because a friend hit it on concrete :-[, I needed to satin the rims for the ding to not show up too much. But it still vibed afterwards :-[ so I sanded the part where the insertion for the axle is, the little part on top of the bearing seat. That helped reduce the vibe a lot. :smiley:

Hope this helps I’ll try getting pics up so that you can see what I’m talking about. ;D