DV888 vibe?


Ok let me start this off with I do know how to properly throw a yo. But recently my 888 has been having some vibe issues I havnt banged it up or anything, so I was wondering if this could be the same problem the Bapezilla had? Do I need to adjust the axle and if so how do I keep it from constantly getting messed up while opening it to get out snags? any help is appreciated thanks in advance.


Throw the yo-yo, then while it is spinning, touch your finger to it gently. Does it still vibe? If it doesn’t vibe anymore then it is your throw. If it still vibes then it is the yo-yo. Refer to How to tune a yo-yo with a setscrew axle.


Ok thanks yah I was trying the touch trick it wasnt helping until I held my finger there and it got drastically slower then it wasnt as viby. Also I lubed the bearing some which I hadnt done in weeks and that help. Kinda weird huh?


The 888 does not require tuning and the act of taking it apart and randomly putting it back together will have as high a success rate as rotating the axle.

Common problems that may cause this.

  1. the yo-yo not fully tightened
  2. some dust, lint or ‘gunk’ under the bearing
  3. the hubstacks not being pushed fully on the yo-yo.

check these things and you should be set for success ;D


After I cleaned the bearing problem went away thanks all.


Had the same problem, I thought why so much vibe? Turns out it’s all in the throw. One things for sure, if you have a Dv888 you will learn a good throw lol.

(Johnny rocks!!!) #7

it may be the bearing


I had mine for a couple months it did really improve my throw. It wasnt my throw though I just cleaned the bearing took care of it right away.