What's a vibe?

It’s a really common word in forums that I don’t know what it means.

It means when the yoyo starts vibrating. If it looks like it vibrating, that means it’s a vibe.

Oh… Thanks for replying.

By the way, what causes it?

Usually when the two sides of the yoyo are uneven, or the axle can sometimes be a part of it if it’s also uneven. And some yoyos just come that way from the lack of manufacturing.

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This is something quoted from one of my posts on another forum. I think this pretty much sums up everything you need to know.

A vibe occurs when the two halves of a yo-yo are not perfectly concentric with each other. What that means is that the center of each half would not be at the same point relative to each other if you have a vibey yo-yo, and it will feel like the yo-yo is buzzing or wobbling while it's spinning. The yo-yo's tolerance to handle these kinds of variances are present to an extent, but in everyday terms, a typical yo-yo's tolerance to eccentric halves is extremely small. So dings, if the impact that caused them was either powerful enough or the impact happens at such an angle to maximize the force, can warp the shape of the yo-yo and/or axle in such a way that the center point of each half will no longer be the same, which causes the vibe. This is why you can sometimes screw together two halves of two different yo-yos and they will still play smoothly.

The bit about the axle being perfectly centered is really what begs the most critique. It’s actually more of a common misconception than it is true fact. Sure it can help to an extent to balance the weight on each side, but that’s really not where “tuning the axle” really came to be. With a bit of searching on here, you will find a post from Frank Difeo explaining that axle tuning actually originated from old yo-yo designs in which the axle did not fit snugly into the threads inside the yo-yo. So loose rattling parts were what caused vibration in those cases. So really the original goal of tuning the axle was not to center it, but rather to position it in such a way that it would fit as snugly as possible in the threads. He said the best way to avoid vibe caused by the axle is to pull the halves away from each other while screwing them together on the axle. However, this only really applies to outdated axle systems, so it’s basically obsolete in today’s scene in which basically every quality yo-yo is made with snugly fitting axle-thread systems.

So at the end of the day, concentricity determines vibe, not balanced weight.

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Right… Thanks again.

Wow, that pretty much summed up everything.

I would agree that making the axle fit tighter in the yo-yo does help make the yo-yo smoother and I would also agree that this really isn’t needed on modern yo-yos. What I wouldn’t agree with is saying that modern yo-yos don’t need to be tuned.

Tuning doesn’t just correct loosely threading axles. Tuning also corrects for slight eccentricities in the yo-yo body and halves that aren’t perfectly balanced in terms of weight. It isn’t necessary on all (and not even most) modern yo-yos, but it can be very helpful for making it a little bit smoother.

I got a cheap yoyo for $5 and 19\20 of my throws vibe, I know my throws(I don’t mean yoyos) are good because I got 7 other yoyos that don’t usually vibe when I throw them. What can I do? The cheap yoyo is ”Auldey dancing butterfly” if that helps.

Well sometimes certain yoyos are just gonna vibe u cant help it kinda like the northstar it might just have vibe but if you just focus on throwing straight and make sure its screwed tightly together that might help

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Admittedly I was speaking in generalizations there. To elaborate, I do not intend to try and spread the message that tuning does absolutely nothing in modern yo-yos, as I’m sure you realized. Rather, the message that I was really trying to get across is that it’s not the miracle solution that lots of people make it out to be.

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When yoyos in general began to adhere to a superior standard of play, people had to think of some other metric by which to judge that X yoyo plays ‘better’ or ‘worse’ than Y yoyo, even if it came at the cost of assessing the actual play of the yoyo. Ironically, rather than something that would make sense, like balance, rimweight, or guts design, vibration seems to have become the flavor of the day.

What makes it so irritating is that not only can vibration vary from yoyo to yoyo in a run (unlike the design of the yoyo), everyone seems to have their own definition of what vibration even is, and then they proceed to argue about it over the Internet, where they can’t actually show each other what they’re talking about. It’s like trying to intelligently discuss, say, the flavors of fine cheesecakes over the Internet. It just doesn’t work very well.

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