Help my chief is starting to vibe!!?

So I just got my clairview station blizzard chief about 2 weeks ago. I was amazed at how smooth it was and played it for about an hour straight. Then I made a bad bind and had to unscrew the yoyo. I am no noob but I had to really whench on it in order to unscrew it. Then I tried to take the axle out and its almost like clyw put locktight in the axle hole because I cannot get it out. I thought nothing of it and continued to throw but now it has a bit of vibe. it’s not major but I just wanted to see if I could somehow tune out the vibe.


u probably just didn’t screw it down tight enough.

Or the bearing is isn’t sitting flush on both seats

Tried both still got that light vibe

Screw the axle in just barely on one side. If it doesnt work try the other side

you sure? cuz you said it was hard to unscrew so you gotta screw hard to get it back to where it was, this has happened to me before and caused a little vibe.

what I ment was that it was hard to take apart for the very first time

I still can’t get the axle out! I even tried my yyf multi tool and its still stuck.

Maybe the axle got striped that would make sense why it’s hard to get out.

are you turning left or right?

I finally got the axle out and managed to tune out the vibe :slight_smile: I think one of my problems is that I tend to under tighten my yoyos alot
Thanks for the help guys

go figure