Help with vibe!!!

(JET) #1

hey so i recently bought a delrin rec rev and it had very small vibe but as i threw it for awile it started to be smooth then spin into wobbles and back smooth please help!!


you’ve checked it with you’re finger and it vibes again after you’ve smoothed the vibe out with your finger. Just to make sure it’s not throw vibe.


Have you unscrewed it?


really yoyokangaroo?
Every one unscrews their yoyo.


No. You should try to unscrew your yoyos as little as possible.


i wouldsay check out the axle see if its bent or if it has caps make sure the caps are tight


Actually, there are many people who only unscrew their yoyo if it is absolutely necessary. If they get a knot, they pick it out.


Its just that everyone unscrewed their yoyo at least once.


Why do you think that?


Because most people will have to eventually change the response and/or do some bearing maintenance.

That is unless you know of some new transporter technology like in Star Trek so we can magically beam out the old parts and beam in the new ones.


i am still new can i ask why its so bad to unscrew a throw? and how do you check the yoyo for vibe with the one finger method? sorry im still learning some of the more basic stuff.


try tuning it


Use teflon tape and wrap it around the axle
Or use blue loctite.


Unscrewing yoyos can cause problems. You can cross thread it, over tighten it, and even strip the axle. You should attempt to unscrew your yoyo as little as possible. The axles are made of steel, which is harder than aluminum. Sometimes, the steel axle can shave of tiny bits of aluminum in the yoyo’s threads, which can cause vibe.

The finger test is where you throw the yoyo, and put your finger to it. On a smooth yoyo, this will eliminate any vibe caused by your throw. You can use this to determine if your yoyo has vibe.


Jeez, this whole “don’t unscrew your yoyo” thing has gotten a bit out of hand. I never heard of this in my 15 years of yoyoing up until a couple of weeks ago… Are you kids really so careless as stripping threads, crossthreading and over-tightening are that much of an issue???


It’s become a really big thing lately but I think it’s just people not knowing how to properly take care of their throws since in my 7 years of throwing and owning yoyos I’ve yet to strip one



That’s not the issue. The issue is that I’m too lazy to tune things.