So I’ve herd that unscrewing a yoyo Too many time can make it have vibe, is this true?


I want to see what people answer. I thought the only bad that came from constant un-screwing was the chance of stripping your axle.

Yes and no… It depends on the yoyo. One Drops with SE’s you can unscew as much as you would like thanks to the tech behind SE’s. Just brilliant!!!

Yoyos that have VERY tight bearing seats over time and unscrewing the yoyo will wear down the bearing seat and cause vibe. Taking bearing’s out a lot can cause the same type of issue.

The ideal yoyo design has a beaing seat that is snug but alows you to easily remove the bearing with your fingers… Also, taking the yoyo apart slowly and putting it back together slowly helps a ton… I see people all the just abuse their yoyo’s when they do this its crazy to see.

Yes, unscrewing a yoyo over and over can cause vibe, especially if the yoyo was tuned prior to your unscrewing it.

The reason for this is the placement of the axle and the potential stripping of the threads. A well tuned yoyo will have it’s axle in a very specific position. If that position is changed, a bit of vibe will be felt until the axle is returned to it’s original position. That’s why so many people recommend fixing snags with a paperclip instead of unscrewing the yoyo.

Even the axle of One Drop’s Side Effects can be tuned to eliminate vibe and, on the other side of things, can be altered for the worse by taking the yoyo apart and putting it back together far too often. This is fairly hard to do, but you should still try to limit the number of times you dismantle your yoyo and take care to put it back together carefully if you’d like to keep it in perfect condition for years to come.

Wow… I did not know this.

How many times is too many for unscrewing your yo-yo?

There is not a number… The only time I ever unscrew is to either lube the bearing or change the bearing (which is very rarely)

I’d say if you’ve got a yoyo with a floating axle, unscrewing it once could result in vibe if you screw it back together with the axle in a completely different position.

For yoyos with stationary axles, you’d have to carefully unscrew them 1,000 times or more to do any damage to the axle or threads. With that said, unscrewing the yoyo with vigor and putting it back together poorly just once can cause vibe.

The life-long rule of thumb applies to this situation as well as all others: Use common sense and treat the things you love well.

The Protostar seems to be heavily affected by this.

I’m going to go against popular opinion and say that I don’t generally think this matters, at least not with relatively modern metals. I unscrew all of my throws quite a bit and I haven’t noticed any change at all. Yeah, if you unscrew a yoyo 10,000 times maybe you’ll start to wear the threads on the axle or the tapped threads in the yoyo half, but I don’t consider that a very practical concern. Certainly nothing I’d be constantly fretting over from day 1.

Maybe with plastics, but I find that those vibe a little bit anyway.

I unscrew mine 50+ times a day, no vibe. But I’m am not sensitive to vibe.

The fit between the spacers and the plastic is very important to the precision on a protostar. If care is not taken with assembly this precision could be compromised and you will loose spin ‘quality’. Generally though a little care will go a long way. We don’t tell people not to take them apart but it would remove any risk of damage.

The only vibe that might result from unscrewing a yoyo is vibe from the axle not being perfectly centered. And honestly if that’s enough vibe to bother you, you have issues… Nothing that spins will ever spin without vibration. I have a protostar with some of the craziest pulsing vibe I’ve ever seen, yet I can still pull off the same tricks/combos that I can with say… my super smooth irony. Vibe doesn’t matter. period.

You might strip an axle if you unscrew a yoyo enough, but so far been throwing for 2 years and I’ve yet to see it happen. I’ve had some yoyos that I got off the bst that were moderately old that felt like some of the threads were a little loose, but it didn’t noticeably effect play.

Good thing i dont care about vibe! ;D