If you unscrew your yoyo even once it will never be the same !


Anyone ever read this ? It’s from another site . I think it is a lie to keep people from trying to return . YYE sells them doesn’t say if you unscrew it you can’t return . or make any of these clames . Like there are top men from nasa using $50,000 tool to do the final screw . anyone believe this ? And how would they know if you unscrewed it ? I can change a transmission on a car I think I can handle unscrewing a yoyo .

They are designed to be best spinning and performing yo-yos for the competition scene. They are not designed to spin smoothly or elegantly. They might vibrate after unscrewing/screwing once or twice. They are very tight with body and bearing locks. The color might have some smear due to the material they chose for the best performance. They are like Formula-1 racing cars. They are very sensitive with tuning, adjusting and balance. You can ruin the yo-yo with any normal action you might think normal. Again, they are the formula-1 cars, be ready for driving them. Also, all yo-yos are tested by hand of YYR crews, so all piece is approved by them to meet their standard. If you have any problem with their yo-yos, play and maintain them like a pro, they are sold for pros, not for the collectors or amateurs.

Once it spins, it is not defective. And once you unscrew the yo-yo, it is your responsibility what happens after that. No exchanging after you unscrew their yo-yo.


This message ios brought up on a regular basis. Unscrewing the yoyo and removing the bearing over time will wear the bearing seat and could cause vibe. This is more to cover said companies butt though


I totally believe that also the axle loosen as well over time and to many twist , but 1 time ? I did an unboxing ware I unscrewed 2 and put them back together . and I got a comment saying never unscrew it’s yyr .


It is a good rule to not unscrew your yoyo, as you can cause more harm in the reassembly (cross threading or over tightening). Do as you please but I tend to advise the less mechanically inclined and you get groups to avoid it.


I test every bearing I sell, I could not count how many times they have been opened and closed every day with no problem. No bearing tool, just get a good throw.


AND another reason why the One Drop SE system is soooooooooooo good…

One Drop in general has excellent bearing seat’s all bearing can pop right off with little to no problem.

Also that post is referring to a select few YYR models that had the issue. Not all YYR had that issue.


That statement was mainly in reference to the proto Blink and E=mc^2 from a couple years ago. They were long since redesigned. I figure they leave it there just to cover themselves, and you’ll see the similar statements on other products like yoyojoker and Sturm Panzer. Personally it’s all garbage and nothing to worry about. I mean it’s not like companies use some secret formula to assemble their yoyos. They screw them together, throw them, if they’re not smooth they might move the axle again, if they’re still not smooth they’ll throw them in the B-grade box. They don’t do anything when assembling the yoyos that you couldn’t do on your own in a minute or two. Nothing to worry about.


well , this is my first yyr it’s the messiah , and the reason for unscrewing was to half them out making red and blue . so far I’m loving it , very pretty worth unscrewing .


The Messiah is a solid yoyo. You will be fine…


Yes, I’ve unscrewed my Messiah before, and it was fine. I mean, they can’t expect you to stop using the yoyo when the pads wear down or the bearing dies. You’ll have to unscrew it at some point, I’d just keep it to a minimum.


oops i didnt mean to thank you, i mean to hit quote (how do you remove a thank you?)

so if you are using proper tightening practice how does the axle get stripped out? generally you stick the throw halves together and spin them counterclockwise A somewhere between 180 to 360 degrees to make sure the threads seat properly before spinning the right way to tighten (clockwise) and then you tighten the throw to snug it up but don’t crank on it. If you do these things i dont see how you can possibly strip out threads.


I feel that if I open yoyos with a Nut/bolt I’ll be fine, but I really need a centered axle for it to be smooth how I like

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Nathan is absolutely right. That disclaimer was only referring to a select few models. You’ll be just fine.


Then why doesn’t the disclaimer specify those specific models? It seems like it would hurt business to lump in all YYR together if the problem is on a select few.


They’ve got nothing to lose. YYR sell exceptionally well anyway, and i suppose it’s just a way for them to cover themselves in the extremely rare case where someone has an issue. If it was an actual issue then people would avoid YYR, disclaimer or not, so the fact that they’re still one of the most popular companies says a lot.