Am I being paranoid, or is this a legit concern?

I’m very hesitant to take yoyos apart anymore for fear of stripping the threads on the inside of the yoyo. Especially on stuff like discontinued CLYWs, which are awesome to throw-- but I just hate it if I ever have to take them apart. I’ve been using string picks a ton, and I was just wondering if this is a totally legitimate concern, or if I’m just being a little paranoid.

You’re so paranoid that you should be in an asylum for yoyoers

I feel you.

As long as you’re careful, though, your yoyos will last you a lifetime, no matter how many times you unscrew.

Paranoid. I don’t remember who it was, but I think it was yoyodoc. At some point he made a post on a thread similar to this, and I believe he said he unscrews his stuff ALL the time, and has very rarely had any issues. He has 1,000+ yoyos.

I dont unscrew my yoyo’s just out of fear of dirtying up my bearing.

You concerns aren’t misplaced, but I do think you don’t need to worry as much. Just make sure you line up the threads correctly and don’t over tighten and the threads will last you a very long time. And even if they do strip, it’s not too expensive/hard to have them repaired.

I’ve taken yoyos apart for as long as they’ve been made that way and have never stripped one. You just need to be careful putting them back together and not play He-Man when you tighten them.

I think a “little.” It’s okay to unscrew your yo-yo when you need to do it. Just be careful. Some people are slapping them back together in a hurry, threads are not lined up, over tightening, and heavy handed. Just don’t handle your things like that, and you’ll be fine. I’m not in favor of unnecessary tinkering and tampering. But, I do it when I have to, and have had no stripping issues.

And, I know of someone who has unscrewed a yo-yo, and been bitten by a shark too. This is what he might say. It makes perfect sense to me:

(from YYF

So there you have it, unscrew your yoyo and you risk a shark bite. Better be careful out there, kids. :wink:

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Well, we were talking shark bites. :wink: And, speaking of shark bites, make sure you get that new “shark bite” engraved Shutter. I bet it has two halves you can unscrew (or not) too.


I’ve been watching so much Mythbusters recently, so you know what I’m going to do?


I’m going to go home tonight and video myself (sped up) unscrewing and re-screwing one of my Yoyorecreations together 100 or so times.

That way we can definitively bust or confirm this myth, as well as the ones about YYR’s being prone to stripping.

Either that, or I’ll ruin a perfectly good yoyo (I’m not using my Sleipnirs or Draupnirs… just in case). Still, it’s happening. ;D

There are some factors that would make certain yo-yos more prone to stripping (really short axles, poorly tapped threads, etc) but the whole “never unscrew your yo-yos” thing is nonsense. Yo-yos are made to be unscrewed, even YYR yo-yos.

And if the worst happens and your yo-yo gets stripped somehow, it can usually be fixed.

It’s true that aluminum alloy aren’t supposed to be screwed directly if it’s going to be screwed/unscrewed often, as far as I read the proper way is to use stronger metal insert.
However, it’s rare that you can ruin a yoyo simply by unscrewing it, unless of course you’re not being careful and cross thread the yoyo or keep using a gritty broken axle. I find that yoyo stripping problems are more likely because of dings/impact than anything else.

I screw/unscrew mine 50 times a day at least. have done so for months and months, and will continue untill i have no more tricks to learn (ie-forever) and Ive never had a problem at all. Its soft metal, treat it as such. Dont be fast, forceful, or heavy with it. Youll have nothing to worry about, just dont over torque it.

50 times a day at least is still way too much, even though it’s unlikely you’ll strip a yoyo from unscrewing it.

Pick out the knot when you can.

The only time i saw a yoyo getting stripped was when one with short axle and very low bearing post was cross threaded with a super tight bearing

I’m a man of my word!  ;D


someone just showed their age…

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Really though, it’s often times faster just to pick a knot out rather than unscrewing, if that’s why you’re doing it.