How do so many people strip their yoyos?

As the title states how do people strip all of these different throws. I’ve been yoyoing for 16 years and have owned over 1000 different throws from every manufacturer and only had one yoyo ever strip. Are people just cranking on their throws or what?


Out of all my yoyos I have only had one strip. I damaged it when I hit the corner transition on a tile floor which took a chunk out of the rim. This throw also had a short 5 or 6 mm axle. Of course it now had some serious vibe, so it became a 5A beater, played it for like another year. I think the axle got bent when it was damaged initially, and I took it apart several times after and eventually it just flew apart with stripped threads. 100% user error, but I still got some play out of it.


Ive only stripped the threads on one yoyo, but I was also unscrewing it after almost every knot I got and its high-fived the floor multiple times. Either the axle was bent slightly or small shavings built up and the threads wore away to almost nothing.

I superglued the axel into the stripped half and have been playing it for the last 6 months or so as my daily beater :man_shrugging:


I’ve owned hundreds from most manufacturers as well. I stripped a Duncan Metal Zero about a dozen years ago. That’s the only one I’ve ever stripped.


It just happens. Sometimes because of overtightening, sometimes just because of the fact of constant unscrewing and screwing back together, sometimes because of poor quality of metal of the halves.
I personally stripped a couple. One was pretty old and i was a second owner of it, so it probably was unscrewed a lot before me, another one had very tight bearing seats on halves - i succesfully dissassembled yoyo a couple of times, but on third could not screw it back together again…
There is a solution thought - stainless steel throws :smiley:

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I stripped my own yoyo from my own first yoyo run (Mk1 Diffraction), by tightening it too hard. Then I fixed the half that stripped by gluing the axle in. It’s still pretty smooth!

I haven’t stripped any other yoyos, though. Learned my lesson with that one.


I’ve owned probably 1000+ throws. Only stripped one. YYF Nightmare.


I put a tiny bit of silicone grease on the threads of my axle to provide lubrication so it doesn’t squeak when I’m assembling it, and tend to err on the side of “just snug” when assembling it and not “torqued to head-bolt specs”. I’m too new to know yet if this technique will extend the lifespan of the threads but it’s what I’m doing!



In over 20 years and a couple hundred yoyos I’ve never stripped one. I think the perception is that there are a lot of stripped yoyos is probably the fact that that is what is reported. No one pops in to say “I didn’t strip my yoyo today.”


This is why I love Side effects :man_student::woman_student:

But amongst my other yos. Nope not one.
I’ve yoyo’d for a brief period in comparison to some of you guys. I’m always fearful. But not torn any guts yet.
I also try not to unscrew unless maintenance is required.
I may be lucky thus far.


Id imagine that most of the strippers are young kids just getting into the hobby and not completely understanding how to properly screw something together.


I didn’t strip a yo-yo today!!!:sweat_smile::joy::rofl:


I gotta confess I stripped a yoyo not too long ago. I was just being ham fisted not paying attention. I totally biffed a 7068 yoyo too crossthreading it too… which if I hadn’t done such a good job of doing and it being a harder metal would have been a strip.

It happens. Threaded axles aren’t idiot proof and if you play yoyo enough everyone gets their reminder :rofl::sweat_smile:

We typically warranty stripped YoYos cuz no-one want to be told they ruined their new yoyo.


I have the same story.

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Impact on overtighten YoYos can weaken threads too


Hasn’t happened to me yet!

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I have never done it but there are times where I have yo-yos that are super sketch when unscrewing . I can totally see it happening


Little over 30 years yoyoing, I’ve stripped maybe 3 out of the thousand or so I’ve owned. But I also don’t take them apart much.

I think it’s just being quick and not paying attention :man_shrugging:


I think out of all the ones I’ve owned which aren’t many, probably around 40 or less I’ve only ever cracked the cap of my FHZ, and might of overtightened a protostar passed the alignment arrows once, or maybe I didn’t tighten the protostar enough?

For every yoyo I’ve broken there are 2 that broke when I let other ppl use em. :joy::rofl::sob: