Is anyone else deadly afraid of stripping their yoyos?


Every time I tighten a yoyo I freak out. This is the main reason I love one drop. As someone who is about to buy a metal non side effects yoyo for the first time, Im so nervous!! (I stripped a dark magic before i really knew you weren’t supposed to go so tight)


I stripped my Genesis the other day. The threads actually wrapped around the axle. Really made me mad.


Nope. It’s usually pretty obvious when the threads are lined up, and I take care to not tighten too much until I’m absolutely positive.

Also, although I’m not rolling in money, I do see yoyos as fairly replaceable so it won’t be the end of the world if I happen to ruin one. As much as I love some of my harder-to-find yoyos, I don’t require one particular yoyo to continue having fun. If one of mine dies and I can’t replace it, I still have others. More likely, though, I could find a replacement.

Back to the original point: I’m always sure my threads are lining up before I tighten all the way, so I’m never scared.


I’ve actually re-tapped a couple of throws that I’ve received from the BST, and that looked decidedly worse for thready-wear. Actually using a newish tap, over a thread that is not completely deformed has allow to remake really very good looking threads. In some cases better than those I’ve received in new yoyos. Couple that with the fact that I make sure to replace pretty much all the axles I receive through the BST has meant that most of my throws are in good shape. I would highly recommend a process like this though, of constant inspection and replacement if you feel you are worried. Simply screwing a new axle into an old yoyo has provided me in two instances with cleaner less vibey play, and has slightly cleaned up threads too.

If you’re buying new, I suspect most of this is hugely unnecessary, but it’s worth thinking about nonetheless.


This thought has never crossed my mind. Just tighten with your palms (not fingers) and you’ll never have to worry… I honestly think it would be hard to strip a yoyo, unless every time you get a knot you take it apart


nah, i know not to over tighten my throws. sometimes when i open and close my throw like 50 times in 1 day, i get a little scared, cuz maybe i might be a little bit aggressive. like if i get 20 knots while making my own trick. like yesterday, i tried to do cool stuff in the wrist mount, i got over 10 knots in 10 minutes :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m one of those people lol This is why I prefer yoyos with longer axles, there’s less of a chance for the yoyo to strip. Yoyojam used to use brass inserts in their metal yoyos too, I wish they’d go back to that. I really appreciate companies like Spin Dynamics and One Drop who make sure there’s less of a chance of the yoyo stripping.


Scares me not at all. I have no problem screwing/unscrewing my yoyos. Just pay attention while you do it, and you won’t hurt anything.


I had a bearing seat pop in on a phenomizm, but my friend had a severe stripped after he let a kid from his school use it for an hour.


Only happened once on a superstar. Glad i will be getting the update. Played only 2 days. get a knot and tightening it never happened. When I thought it was there it just started to spin. I was very very sad. Was like 2 years ago and still in my case. Was reading a thread like this over the weekend and someone told me about Landon Balk (knew about him, have some of his throws, didn’t know he fixed stripped axles). Talked to him last night and its off to him to fix for 20 bucks, if it works will be worth it.


Nope :slight_smile:


I’ve only stripped one yoyo('09 Severe… Ugh, still miss it), but I do get little mini panic attacks when I’m screwing my Peak together and the axle spins on top of the threads, lol. :o


Not me I always tighten it just enough but not to much more or less when I know it will stay on.




Very informative post Slowyojoe. I never really thought about that, but it makes a lot of sense. It wouldn’t hurt to have some spare axles around now that I think of it.

For me, I’m not crazy worried about stripping the yo-yo, because I have weak hands and a light touch with my things. Some people are more heavy handed, and don’t know their own strength before it’s too late. I operate more slowly, and with a light touch, so as soon as I start screwing the halves together, I’m looking for even the slightest resistance. I don’t even like unscrewing a yo-yo unless it’s really necessary.

But, I do not consider myself “deadly afraid,” just careful with my things to prevent avoidable damage.


Something that has always come across as a little odd to me is that I suspect it’s incredibly difficult to strip a decent sized thread through over tightening. I have just maybe two throws that I could see that occurring in because the axles were excessively short (until I changed them out). In reality the majority of damage is likely to be caused by just tightening the yoyo when the axle is not correctly aligned with the threads on each half of the throw. But the threads will degrade over time. Clearly the time period depends on how violent you are when putting the yoyo back together. One thing that can make this happen swifter is if one damages the top of the axle hole when trying to remove a bearing and thus damages some of the early threads, or alternatively, and this is a pet peeve of mine, uses a hundred wraps of Teflon tape, in some misguided attempt to remove vibe. This makes it much harder to ‘feel’ the threads and can lead to really miserable consequences when tightening.


And I’m quite sure you meant “deathly”, ::).


Buy an Oxy Megatron. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Brass is softer than aluminum…


Wow, I guess you do learn something new everyday, so why are brass inserts more commonly used then?