Untying knots



What do you do when you have a knot on your string around the bearing?
Do you unscrew the yo-yo and untie it that way?

I started with unscrewing the yo-yo, but figured it was not good for the yo-yo to be taken apart so often (I am good at making knots :)). Now I use a nail to get the string out from the bearing.

How do you do it?


i unscrew it if its deep enough where i can use my fingernail to get it out besides that i unscrew it. if anything happens to the axle when unscrewing it :-\ i guess i have to buy another axle hahaha :D!


i use my finger nail.


I usually work it out with a bent paper clip or one of those sturdy round tooth picks. I don’t take the yoyo apart unless it’s a really tight and tangled mess and even then, I usually just loosen it enough to work out the knot or snag.


is it really bad for the yoyo to be unscrewed so much?


“Really bad”? Probably not. The way I look at it is, if it’s working fine the way it is, don’t mess with it. If you unscrew/screw it a lot, you’re increasing the chances that you could damage the axle or something else could go wrong. (stripping the threads, wearing it down so it doesn’t hold as well, losing bearings/spacers etc.) Maybe you could unscrew/screw it thousands of times with no effect. I don’t know and will never find out. My approach is to do it as infrequently as possible.


I unscrew it then unravel the string.


everybody thinks its bad to unscrew the yoyo often. its not. the only damage that can be done is if u screw it in wrong or u overtighten it. and if this happens no u cant “just buy a new axle” becaus the axle is made of hardened steel and the threads in the yoyo are aluminum(soft metal). and the axle wont strip, the inside of the yoyo will but then ur pretty much screwed cuz u would have to get it drilled out and get more threads put in


My throw bag has a stash of paper clips I unbend and use for such occasions. :slight_smile:


I usually just use my finger nail, or unscrew the yoyo if I have to.

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I don’t like taking the yo-yo apart. I use this high precision instrument of knottistics

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Yeah only if you are screwing it together wrong (pushing while screwing, misthreading, overtightening), just be careful and you’ll be just fine.


I throw the whole thing in the rubbish bin. I hate yoyos that get knots in them.


String gets knots … Not yoyos


if it is to hard to get out i replace the string.

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I steal bobby pins out of my sisters head when shes not looking :slight_smile: