How to do put on your strings?

I see many people at meets and contests who untwist the string up to two inches to put it on the yoyo, instead of opening up the yoyo and only having to unravel it a little bit. I found this strange because I always unscrewed my yoyos to put on a new string. I see people do it both ways all the time, but I never really hear an explanation as to why.

So, how do you guys do it? Do you have any rhyme or reason as to why?

I unscrew my yoyo. The reason why I do this is because I only have to unravel a tiny end of the string so it doesn’t get all rough.


I unscrew it. Though I understand not doing it because constantly unscrewing it can damage the axel.

It depends. If I’m just putting on a new string I unwind the string and fit it over the yo-yo, though I used to unscrew it. If I’m having any kind of issue after it’s resolved I put the string around the bearing of the yo-yo while it’s still unscrewed.

I unwind to fit over the half.

I’ve found that if you keep the string pulled tight while it re-twists, it usually goes back to the way it was with no weird bumps or gaps. I also twist it a little with my fingers after its re-twisted naturally to make sure its nice and tight up to the bearing.


sometimes i unscrew. thats rare tho.

I just open it up and put it onto the yoyo.
Reason: When you unscrew the yoyo, you risk having the bearing fall out or sometimes once the yoyo string is on the bearing, when screwing back together, the string can fall next to the bearing.
Plus for me, Its just faster, I have done it so much over the years it takes about 1/4 of a second to do it for me, Just easier for me.


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I agree with noogit and Jayyo. It’s easy to avoid the bumps in the string by pulling on the string when it’s retwisting, and it’s just plain faster not to unscrew it! I open the loop with my index finger and use thumb and middle finger to untwist and retwist. It’s a cool yo-yo “trick” worth practicing :slight_smile:

Also, the more you open it, the more foreign stuff you introduce to the bearing well and the bearing (dust, string particles, humidity, etc.)

I triple agree with noogit, Jayyo and FiveIronBrian.

I just pull the string tight ot prevent the rough, and if there are bumps, I unwind the part that they are bumps, slide the thread over to release the bumo away. And with normal play, the string weirdness will go away.

By the ways, unless you always do chopstick tricks, it doesn’t really matter since it’s at the end of the string.

I never unscrew my yoyo unless I HAVE TO and there’s no way around

untwisting the string is also, indeed, faster once you get used to it

unscrewing the yoyo can lead to unpleasant moments (parts falling, half falling, I’ve heard it can hurt the axle if done too much but that never happened to me, but then again, I don’t do it much)

I do both just depending on my mood

i dont unscrew my yoyo ever unless i absolutely have to. bearings are too expensive. i always end up dropping my bearing in the sand or in the dirt, in a puddle etc. when i do :wink: i even try to pick out my bad binds with a dental pick to avoid unscrewing my yoyo. makes life easier, it’s quicker, and more efficient to me this way.

Untwist the string for the same reasons as given above. It twists back up just fine.

i untwist the string, it helps the axle. if you add up the times you unscrew it by changing string, undoing snags,and all the other times, if you subbtract the times from changing string you’ve got a longer axle life. and if you’r worried about roughening your string it’s only the botton inch & 1/2 of the string, i don’t think you touch that a lot in your 1a so…

don’t unscrew your yoyo…the less screwing and unscrewing the better…as stated…things get dropped and threads wear…

I stopped unscrewing when my Buddha king was my main throw… It took such a long time to unscrew and screw it back together because of the long axle

same for me.

these days…most of the time. i don’t unscrew the yo yo. i just unravel the string and slip it on.

partly, maybe it’s ‘cause i’m lazy. and don’t want to go through the hassle of disassemblin’/reassemblin’ my yo yo. if at all possible, i’d like to yo yo as soon as possible.

i also think that when some yo yos are tuned in, takin’ them apart can sometimes undo this. i had a bape’ that would play smooth on every 8th or 9th tightenin’.



I like to let my yoyos just ‘be’. The only time I ever unscrew a yoyo is if I can’t get the knot out with a toothpick.