Stringing a yoyo

I recently bought a Recrev I & it didnt come with string, so I went & got some & now I cant figure out how to string it correctly, it uses a ball bearing axle

Untwist about 2 inches of the bottom of the string, open the loop. Put the loop over the shell, slip the string into the gap, twist it back up.

Sort of like this (one or two loops is your choice):
(Image courtesy of Yomega)

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That way wont work

Wait… Not to sound mean… but your buying metals, and you dont know how to string a yoyo?

good luck man…

That is the most correct way to do it. You are doing something wrong.

Then maybe just tie it on with a square knot. :wink:

I unscrew mine and put the loop on the bearing :slight_smile:

Totally unnecessary. Prone to loosing parts and catching the string between the bearing and the shell.

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This! You should never, ever, ever, take apart your yoyo to put the string on. Even if you have to take apart yoyo to unknot string, you should take the string off, put yoyo back together, and then restring yoyo.

Yes, but I don’t like the feeling of the string getting loose like that. And do you HAVE correct yoyo string?

yew I have correct string, I have taken it apart to put the string around it & the other ways, but it wont retrieve

by retrieve do you mean return? If thats the case then you sir have an unresponsive yoyo…

check these out