How to..


My friend keeps getting his string stuck in the bearing of his yoyo… is that the way its supposed to be or is that a problem?


That’s a problem, and without more information as to the yoyo and such, we can’t help much.

So how come your friend relies on you to ask the questions? :wink:


He doesnt have a computer and we both started throwing around the same time so its helpful to ask you guys for advice cause we really kinda have no clue about this stuff… and its a POPstar


We need a fuller description of what you mean to be able to help. Are you getting a knot when you bind? I mean, when your friend binds. :stuck_out_tongue:


A better description would be nice. Like how is it getting ‘stuck’?


Put the string on the bearing after you screw it together. The string can slip off the bearing if you put the string on the bearing then screw it together. Here’s a vid.


Thanks guys hes got it working again :slight_smile: