Why? Help me...

Erm… I got my DM here. I don’t know is there any problems or what, my string breaks easily. Poly string to tell you. Is it problems with the bearing? I threw for a few times and it fly out and got dingsssssssssss!!!

it could be that your string is going between the bearing and the bearing seat getting caught on the axle and snapping, or it could be a bad batch of strings

you throw too haed

Make sure that you put the string on the yoyo after you put the yoyo together. Don’t try to put the string on and then put the yo together because it can slip off the bearing without notice and the first throw can snap it.

Make sure yo tighten the yo all the way also. If you don’t the string can slide by the bearing and cause it to snap also.

What kind of string is it? Home made or bought from a store? If its home made then stop using it and buy you some reliable string.

I don’t know how hard you throw but it doesn’t take everything you have to throw it.

Yes. I put on the string properly, and the string is bought from Spinworkx. It is polyester string, 100% polyester string. I also put on the string properly and I tighten the yoyo. Is it something with my bearing? Everything is done like you guys did. Also, I didn’t throw so hard. Is it something with the bearing? I need my DM. My John Ando SuperStar is spoiled by someone and I need my DM to play with. Please, help me…my DM!!! Tell me about the bearing. Please, help me…

It could be the string tension. And also, as icthus said, do you tighten the yoyo first or you put the string on first?

pictures of the guts of the yoyo would help tremendously