Well i bought some 100% poly string from yoyoexpert and cant say I’m happy with it. Its grabs too much for my style and it doesn’t hold tension at all… so what would you guy suggest?

What yoyo’s are you using it in? I actually love it.


Try this. Try to tighten the tension a lot then loosen it back to neutral. Brad Moss does that and he’s a beast.

I would recommend what Icthus said. If that doesn’t work, it’s the bearing or the response, not the string.

Sorry but that is completely wrong. The bearing will have nothing to do with string tension.

You could try some 50/50 string

but the bearing and response CAN help the responsiveness :smiley:

really? then why is it that when i used my DM from stock, the yoyo grabbed too much and it shot back, but after i cleaned it, the string didn,t move at all??? ??? ??? ??? ??? A bearing can have everything to do with this situation.

Or next time support James Reed or other string makers on these forums. They make beastly, and IMO, better string.