Will thin lube make my DM more unresponsive? It unresponsive now but it seems like it is slowly getting more responsive, I havnt lubed it at all in the three weeks I have had it. Also when I whip the yoyo up the string keeps catching and binding up. Will poly strings help with this keeping the tension lower?

I think this thread may help you.

Thin lube will help it become more unresponsive and as for the poly string it will help but if your looking for some really good strings i would recommend “Yoyogstring.com” They have different formats of string which keep the tension lower. Hope that helps!

Yah thanks man I really need to order some of that its starting to get frustrating lol.

get mine! 100% polyester i have paypal…

slap yourself stringz
you’ll ask someone to slap you if its real.

I just use 100% Poly highlights like the ones sold here. I’d really recommend them. You don’t need that fancy stuff, especially if you are a beginner.

don’t forget mine…there are mixes or on color you will love them.

Wereguy, i feel you are just trying to avertise your string, more then actually help him.
@yoyofool, Id go for the 100%poly strings like Dyonch said, its good for beginners. Also for the subject about the responsiveness, an option is metal shims, and these shims actually make the gap of the yoyo larger. Keeps the response away from the yo-yo more.
Hope I helped!

Yah thanks I was thinking maybe a koncave. See the problem is my spin time is getting lower, which I know shouldnt happen since as it gets broke in it should get better right? thats why i was thinking the lube would help?

i was joking but it would be good if he did buy!
but you should get the highlight or yoyogstring i make my own string but my order just arrived today! i got intentus style . so he said it is good for binders.
hope i helped

You’ve probably got some gunk in the bearing. CLEAN it, then put a drop of lube on. Here’s how: How to Clean Your YoYo Bearing - Yo-Yo Mods and Maintenance - YoYoExpert Forums

Indeed, and the link above explains everything. Good help J. Lev

yeah i think he’s right but i do not think that many people have mineral spirits or lighter fluid… but maybe he does.

Four dollars, hardware store. Ask for paint thinner.

K thanks alot guys. I gotta order the lube first then on to the cleaning it out. :slight_smile:

Sweet, hope it helps!!!

yeah me too!