Should I use a koncave bearing ?and binding help?

I recently just started yoyoing and I have a Dv 888 from yoyo factory. I was wondering should I buy a koncave bearing? My yoyo doesn’t seem to sleep as long and was wondering if it would help land string tricks more often. Also I can never seem to bind or get a bind to come back am I using a to unresponsive yoyo? Is there anyway I could make it a little more responsive? As you can tell I just started I appeciate all the help

You don’t need a KK bearing, you need to improve your throw and practice. That will increase your spin time appreciably.

To make your yoyo responsive, lube the bearing a bit (just a bit).

KK bearings generally make the yoyo less responsive, so if your binds aren’t very consistent, switching to a KK is going to make it harder.

Should I use thick or thin lube?

If you’re wanting to make your yoyo responsive than use Thick Lube.

Thin lube will make a Yoyo more responsive too.


thank you!

Don’t lube it. Making it easier to bind won’t help you learn to bind correctly. Just practice. In a week you’ll be way past binding it.

Do you pinch the string when you bind? It is ten times more consistent than any other bind.

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yeah I pintch it but doesn’t come up every time. I’m thinking about buying new slim pads. Would that help?

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I have a yoyojam with no response pads and a crucial grooved bearing that still binds, binding is just something you learn and then do without thinking about it, you’ll get the hang of it

I’ll bet it doesn’t bind very tightly though.

How does it spin? You need the response to impart spin to the body as well as to aid in response. Most yoyos w/o response just fall off the string.

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it actually doesn’t spin as long as I’d like. I just orderd lube so I can clean the bearing to make it spin a little longer. Just concerned my pads are worn out since my binds never consistently work

DCM92Lude, If it has literally “no” response, I can’t see how you can throw it OR bind it. Unpossible.

Acah1013, you don’t need lube in order to clean a bearing, and adding lube to a cleaned bearing will make it spin less than if you just leave it dry. If your absolutely most important factor is spin time, you should play your bearings dry.

thanks for the help! What does playing with a dry bearing mean? What’s your best recommendation to clean my bearing it responds pretty well but would like it to be a little more responsive

a dry bearing is one that is cleaned (to remove any lube) then dried (as in air dried) and installed with NO lube.

if you want a more responsive bearing you need to lube it, though it wont spin as long as the dry bearing, as stated.

Its a yoyojam axiom, I got it in a trade with no pads at all(Found out after). I can get a tight bind almost everytime, plastic whips dont work as well, but I still get about 75% of them. Ill take a video of it if you want, haha.

Lol, Ive never had it fall off a string, I just threw it for 10-15 minutes, no problems. There is no loops on the axle, no crazy tight string tension. It just works without response pads.

I just got a DV888 several days ago and came responsive with a full kit - a non-responsive bearing, a longer axle, and unresponive response pads. Had to install them myself.

I bought a Center Trac bearing the day I bought my DV888 and it’s lovely. One tiny drop of lube onto the bearing and play with it for a several hours or 3 days if you are playing here and there; This will break your lube in and make it more unresponsive.

When I first got my Center Trac bearing and lubed it, it only spun a fraction of what it can now that it’s broken in.

Also remember to change strings periodically as you play, a new set of strings is better than a battered one. I change my strings every 2 or 3 days since I play my DV888 for at least 5-7 total hours a day.

Also congratulations. The DV888 is a great beginner’s metal yoyo. It’s technically my first yoyo and I’ve learned so much with it.

what strings would you recommend?