Trapeze problem

Hey Guys,
I need some help with the trapeze trick. Getting the yoyo on the string is not a big problem, but getting the yoyo back to the hand like in the video (shooting it up in the air) doesn’t work. It won’t grab the string.
My yo is a Dark Magic with a koncave bearing and thin lube. I tried it with the smallest gap but it won’t come back.
The same problem (yoyo is to unresponsive) happens with the forward pass, UFO snd verry often sidewinder.
Hope to get some help here :wink:
PS: Really awesome website!

Use the stock bearing. That’ll help. Also, it might help to learn binding. There is a tutorial for that on this site.

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Nice, the stock bearing helped a lot. when do you recommend using the koncave bearing? I thought this would be better than stock in any ways.

KOnkave is good for reducing the response of a yoyo. Helps doing tricks where you dont want the yoyo snapping back yo your hand right away. Ripcord is the first one I did that I could really see a difference in the manner it plays vs the stock bearing.
Also, “better” is in the eye of the beholder.

Yeah seriously. Don’t use the KonKave bearing until you not only know how to bind, but you also think your Yo-Yo isn’t smooth enough. Also, If your still not getting the response you want, try this: (btw I wouldn’t do this myself because I like my Dark Magic unresponsive)
Get some Friction stickers, take the O-ring out and put a Friction sticker right on top of where the O-ring was. This will definitely up the response. If you still can’t get it responsive, get your bearing really dirty :stuck_out_tongue: no JK don’t do that.

First learn to bind then just dismount the trapeze and bind. It will be better in the long run. If you want to make the DM more responsive use lube. The kk isn’t needed and never will be. I have never used one but they are very good based on what I have heard. They are designed for un-responsive play so you might want to advance a little before switching.

Hey, cool to see another german guy in here! Welcome to the forum.

You’re exactly in the same situation I was at the beginning! I started with a DM too (cleaned KK bearing) and I oftenly asked myself how Andre could do some tricks like Sidewinder or UFO with it! Then I noticed that he uses YoYoJam Thick Oil to make it more responsive. I recommend you to use the stock bearing again with thick oil in it! Then the YoYo will be totaly responsive and you can switch back to your clean KK bearing if you want to play unresponsive.

But I’ll guarantee that it won’t take very long until you love unresponsiveness! Meanwhile I have only one 1A throw which is responsive, all the others are dead unresponsive.

Have Fun and keep up throwing!

here i have a dark magic yoyo what will really help if u get thick lube and using your stock bearing will help alot have fun throwing ;D

Yes, the stock bearing is what comes with the yoyo. Keep watching the videos Andre has on this site for those tricks. Thin lube doesn’t make yoyos more unresponsive, just keeps the bearing lasting while maintaining minimal responsiveness.

thanx :smiley: but i heard that the dm was actually an unresponsive yoyo and u NEED to use a bind but i can just tug at the string and it comes back ???

It can be both. That’s what the adjustable gap is for.

The DM is not necessarily unresponsive. particularly if it is the hybrid version (half of the yoyo has a starburst instead of an o-ring).

Things that will decrease response are widening the gap, removing an o-ring, trimming an o-ring, lightly sanding a starburst, Using a KonKave, using thinner string, and running a dry bearing (removing lube by putting the bearing in a solvent like naptha or mineral spirits.)

Things that increase response are obviously the opposite. Lubing bearings, tightening the gap, and using thicker string.

Most of the entry level tricks are designed to be used with a responsive yoyo, so most of this info won’t do you much good for a while, but you should keep it in mind, as it will help you tune the response of your yoyo’s as your abilities mature.

thanx :slight_smile:

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Psin, that was good, but that is also a misconception. Starburst doesn’t mean responsive.