YoYo responding?

Does anyone know what is causing this and how i can fix this? i will watch a trick video and then go and try it. the string wraps around the bearing real fast, responds, and hurts every knuckle i have… Anyway, i thought it was my yoyo. So, i used the yoyo that they used in the video. Still did it. It’s all of my yoyos, so i have to be doing something wrong.

Maybe it’s time to give those bearings a good cleaning. Could be that there’s a bit of grit in there.


What yoyo(s)? It sleeping has a lot to do with your throw as well as the responsiveness of the yoyo. If you do a slight jerk as the yoyo reaches the end (and the yoyo’s pretty responsive) it will come up. If the yoyo is brand new normally it’ll start out responsive/more responsive then when used. If you’re using the same bearing it could be dirty.

It’s all of my yoyos. Clean bearings or not, it does it all the time. After I posted this, I tried a trick that it happens on and it came up and almost hit me in the face…

Like I said it could be throw or if you put the response on yourself they could be on wrong. Are your throws designed un-responsive?

All I get is unresponsive. The main ones that it happens most is my Chief, Positron, and Code 2

Are you lubing your bearings after you clean them?

Your string is probably really fat. Technical “competition style” tricks that involve backspin maneuvers are much easier to do with a thin string.

I usually use Fat Kitty strings when I throw, but recently I have ben using Slims or Nylon. All of the tricks I am currently working on involve awkward string wraps and movements that go against the spin of the yoyo. I was destroying my knuckles with fat string.

what kind would you recommend? right now I’ve just been using 100% polyester right here from yoyoexpert