Semi Responsive Yoyo (Bearing?)


Alright guys, it seems like I need help again  ;D (Continues from my IB thread, because it seems like it would be more useful here.)

Okay, so here’s the background:
-I’m currently working my way through the String Trick Ladder for my project, without many technical problems with my yoyo. I got to Pop n’ Fresh, and when I get to the part where you lift your hands and try to pop the yoyo up (before you switch hand placements), the yoyo snaps to my hand. I keep trying it over and over, with the same result (and the same pain, lol  :-X)
-After this, I guessed that the string might have tension, so I let the yoyo spin out to reduce string tension. Then I threw a Sleeper, expecting that when I flicked my wrist up, the yoyo would not come back up. Unfortunately, during some of my flicks the string built up and the yoyo came back. Note, my yoyo is not supposed to be responsive at all.

So, I asked this question on my project topic and somebody suggested:

a. There was no knot, so I ruled that one out
b. The part where he says the strings rubbing the response the wrong direction: I am not really sure about that, but I think I am not, because I am pretty accurate with the tutorial video (not YoyoExpert’s, but YoTricks’s on youtube)

So it was probably the bearing. I didn’t want to mess with Mineral Spirits yet, and I didn’t have any thin lube, so I didn’t know what to do. Upon more research, I found that you could clean the bearing with the paper method seen here:;topic=61886.0,23234.0.html
This is my first time, so I tried my best to clean the bearing. I saw on the paper that it did accumulate some black stuff, but IDK if I got it all out.

After this, it seems to be less responsive, but it still sometimes snaps back to my hand during the pop n’ fresh pop. If you guys have any help, it would be appreciated. I posted this because I think I’d get more tips/help here. Thanks!


Gotta do the solvent thing and then the paper technique again.

Mineral spirits or Zippo lighter fluid (can’t remember the name, but there are multiple kinds of lighter fluid and the kind Zippo uses is what you want). Container that can be sealed and won’t be dissolved by the solvent. Shields removed, bearing into the container of solvent. Shake the heck out of it so that the liquid can dislodge and rinse through any debris.

Then let it sit in the solvent for a while. Take it out, put it on a chopstick (or similar) and spin to dislodge as much solvent as possible. Then let it dry for a good long while.

Back on the chopstick and spin firmly but not insanely (you’re not going for a flick-time record here!) until it feels unresponsive and has long spin.

Then optionally lube with a small amount of thin lube. Or not. Re-install on the yoyo and rock on wit’ yo’ bad sel’.



(rizkiyoist) #4

Are you sure that the string doesn’t “roll around” the bearing when doing that particular trick? because there are plenty of tricks that does (like white buddha), and sometimes it takes a while to be able to control it.
I think the best way to work this out is to learn the trick using responsive bearing, bear the pain.