Yoyo keeps coming back up without a bind but it does when i tug (its a unresponsive yoyo

hi guys! So I got my yoyo around 5 hours ago and now it wont come back up with a bind but it comes up when i tug on it like a responsive yoyo, they yoyo im using is a YoYoFactory Atom smasher with shadow response pads it is a unresponsive yoyo but it wont come up with bind but it does when i tug on it

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Sounds to me like you gotta clean the bearing :sweat_smile: there might me a hair or something in it in it that’s stopping it from engaging the bind :thinking:

okay ill try that… Btw what all do you need to clean im somewhat new to using yoyos and it will be my first time cleaning it

Bummer that your new yoyo us acting up! That combination sounds like a dirty bearing and dirty pads. would recommend cleaning the bearing, and wiping down your response pads. Cleaning the bearing will help it spin freely, and wiping down the pads should remove any gunk preventing the string from binding. To clean the bearing use alcohol, lighter fluid, acetone, or mineral spririts. To clean the pads use a dry rag.

This topic has been discussed a bunch, here is a search link:


I think the best thing for cleaning is 100% acetone from a hardware store. But there are other options. Just need a small glass jar and something that evaporates cleanly without leaving a residue. Some use isopropyl alcohol. Acetone is the active ingredient in fingernail polish remover, but some have additives that will not evaporate cleanly from the bearing. I have used lighter fluid before. Like ronsonol for zippo style lighters. Just be careful of the surface you’re using, because all of these things will damage finishes.

Zippo Fluid. Soak the bearing for 5 minutes. I like zippo cause if I over lube i set the bearing on a paper towell on the cement the just splash a littlebzippo fluid on the bearing. Breaks up some oil.

Personally, I would buy a spare bearing, replace it, and swap the string out for a new one.

Maybe you have a dirty bearing (most likely) but occasionally a bearing will have a defect.

I would advise picking a few spares parts up, and make sure you replace your strings often. I keep an extra set of pads, a few bearings and some string with me all the time. The worst is having a great throw session going on, having a pad snag and break, then not having a replacement.

For $20 or less, you should be able to get plenty of pads, quite a few strings, and a high quality spare bearing or two.

Now, to clean a bearing:

Take a glass jar or high walled bowl.

Place a half an inch of high acetone fingernail polish in the bottom.

Gently place the bearing in the solution for approximately 5 minutes.

Remove and place on the tip of a pencil.

Spin until dry.

If your yoyo will not come up when you bind, try replacement of the string, and wiping you pads clean with a soft cloth.


I’ve had a handful of bearings just not spin freely even after a much longer soak in the acetone. Like they won’t spin for more than 3-5 seconds. I’ve tried multiple times to clean them and I’m on the verge of giving up and throwing them away. Several of them we’re in fact free replacements for bearings that i had trouble with.

I’ve noticed I’ve had a lot of bearings just die on me lately. Sometimes it’s a cheap bearing, sometimes it’s because out of the millions they produce for other industrial applications, some of them just won’t ever work right. Maybe it’s Maybelline. Whatever the reason, acetone is your best friend, sometimes the paper method is required, maybe it wants to be responsive and you telling it what to be is really crushing it’s spirit.