Too many string snaps!

So today I got my 100% polyester strings in the mail, and after one day, I already have two strings gone from snaps (one string lasted for about 2-3 hours, the other one lasted under 30 minutes; I’m throwing a YYF JK). Am I throwing too hard, or is my yoyo just too heavy?

Where is the string breaking?

At the very end of the string, where it wraps around the bearing.

There might be some plastic burrs around the bearing area. Make a thorough investigation of the bearing and response area to see of you find anything. If you do, carefully sand it down until it is smooth.

I forgot to mention that I’ve been using my brother’s 100% string prior (his has twisted colors, mine is neon green if that helps), and nothing has happened to it except for normal wear. This has really only happened with the new strings, which is odd.

I’d hope you’re using 100% string. I hate it when my string is like 35% crushed bug parts.

Not to dig on that item more, but 100% what? Cotton? Nylon? Poly? Hemp?(would hemp even make a good string? Not that I care, I like 100% poly)

It could be a defective batch. I don’t know how string is made and how it’s tested. But if your brother’s string is fine, and your string is snapping AND nothing else has changed, it’s got to be the string.

I was thinking about Jake_Elliot’s suggestio, which was where I was going to suggest starting. But if one string works fine and yours doesn’t, it’s looking like the string is the problem.

Hemp would make TERRIBLE yoyo string. It has a relatively low breaking strength, and is pretty rough. Doesn’t stretch nearly as much as other kind of rope materials though.

As to the actual problem, try a few more strings from the same pile as the yoyo string that is breaking, and let us know what happens. While highly unlikely, it is possible that you just pulled out two defective strings.

I mention that I use 100% poly.

The string is poorly built

Where did you purchase your strings. I think you should try about 2 to 3 more strings, and see what happens. If they are still that weak, then contact the supplier. They might send in a fresh pack of strings. If all else fails, then I think you should purchase new string, preferably from a different site.

maybe you should try 50/50…

Just get steel fishing line and make your own strings.

Make your own. Then you don’t have to worry about things like tightness, bounce, on and on. You control it.

So I have about 5 broken strings since I received them, which is about 5 days. This has never happened with any other strings I’ve had. I’ve noticed that after about a dozen throws or so that the string starts to break where it meets the bearing.

I ordered them here on YoYoExpert.

if it is not breaking your brother’s strings, it must be a faulty batch. I would contact Andre and see what he says :wink: