Dark Magic Problem


The loop at the end of the string where it is supposed to go around the bearing keeps getting stuck between the yoyo and the bearing when I am doing tricks. Why is this happening and how can I fix this?


thighten the gap a bit and have you done anything to your yoyo


Tightening the gap doesnt help and no I didnt do anything to the yoyo.


Check the bearing it may have been loosened off its seat.


What does that mean?


This happens sometimes with YYJ yoyos. You might wanna get an exchange if you just bought it new. The bearing seat might have worn near the rim allowing string to just slip right through.

How tight is your gap? You might be playing with the gap way too wide.


is it sticking onto the starburst side? if so, then take it out, flip it around, and place it on the starburst side. note: u may have to use pliers to get it out.
Hope this helps ;D


The string gets stuck between the starburst side and the bearing.


Just push in the bearing. If it clicks and pushes in, then the bearing was loose and now you’re set.


Is there anything I can do to fix it other than buying another yo yo? It gets stuck even when I push it down until it clicks and sometimes when I am doing tricks the bearing gets loose from the seat and gets stuck on the side with the o-ring.


what bearing are you using?


Im using the normal stock bearing that came with it. Would a kk bearing help because then the string would be in the middle of the bearing and it wont be at the sides and get stuck?


contact YYJ, probably a defective seat. they should replace it, or your next mattress is FREEEE!!!


I guess a KK could help but I agree with contacting YYJ.


I have had it for over a month and it just started so I dont think think it was a defective one. It was perfectly fine when i first got it. Could I have just worn it out?


when u open the yoyo, is the bearing on the starburst side or the o ring side.


Starburst but sometimes it gets stuck on the o-ring side.


cause it should be on the starburs and if its not then the thing that u described happens


no not really the yyj bearings switch side often and its not a big problem so that has nothing to do


it happened to me 2 so just tighten it loop tight