String pinched between bearing and hub


I just got a yoyo and started to learn but I’ve been having a problem, the string gets pinched between the bearing and one of the hubs, which makes the yoyo unbalanced and stops sleeping properly.

I tried taking a picture but it’s difficult to see, so I made a schematic drawing:

I tried tightening it but the small gap still remains.

What can I do to fix this?

What yoyo is it?

Did you lose your spacer, or did you just leave it out in the drawing?

It says hengsheng ex-5, is that the model?

It didn’t come with spacer. It has just the two halves, one with the axle and the bearing attached (the bearing can’t be removed) and the other one which is the one I’m having problems with.

Pictures of the yoyo would help a whole lot, not just the area in question but both halves. It could be multiple issues and these pics would help anyone figure out if it’s one or many.

They are not the best quality, but here you are:

Maybe the wrong bearing shipped with it. They use a bunch of different size kk bearings in there yoyos. Ex-5 is the brand. You yoyo is called the plastic fancy giant by EX-5.

Another thought:
Put the string on after you screw the yoyo together. My kid for some reason insists on taking his protostar apart constantly(he was doing this to my off-strings, then they’d explode apart when he’d throw them and I lost all sorts of parts thanks to this), and he’d constantly get his string stuck in that area as a result.

That’s what I’ve been doing, but after a while the string gets stuck in there. Also, there weren’t other parts, I unscrewed it with extreme care the first time and nothing fell off.

There is somehow a gap the string is slipping into between the bearing and the wall of the bearing seat. If it is the side with the axel it might be that it is too long. If not it could be like said before bearing diameter to small or bad molding of bearing seat. You could remove the bearing carefully with pliers (youtube has videos) and switch it to the axel side to see if it changes which side eats the string. This would most likely narrow it to the axel be not right.

oh! I tried the pliers and I could detach the bearing and unscrew the axle from the other side. Then I screwed both sides together without the bearing and saw that there is a limit to the gap between both sides. I’ll try to file the plastic in the middle to see if I can make the gap a bit smaller so the string doesn’t get stuck.

It really looks like its the wrong sized bearing. I put a Duncan “A” bearing in an “D” bearing yoyo and that same thing kept happening to me. I hope you can figure it out, but I think your bearing is too small.

Don’t change anything you can’t fix. Taking away plastic probably not the best idea. If the axle is to long you can get another, shorten the current one or go to the hardware store. Is the gap present when you put it together without the axle?

I have a Beysick that I got via BST and the person who sold it to me had an A-sized bearing in it and it’s supposed to have a D-sized bearing.

(inner diameter, outer diameter, width)
A Sized bearing:

D Sized bearing:

Now, while my Beysick didn’t do what the yoyo in question is doing, it was excessively grabby since the string was too close to the response pads. The D-sized bearing is a full 1mm wider. But, it’s also a full 1mm larger on the outer diameter. Depending on how the yoyo is made, this string thing you’re experiencing is entirely possible. I purchased a Terrapin X Wing Cut D-sized bearing and I’m now very happy wit the Beysick. I think this is why the person who sold it to me didn’t like the Beysick.

I’m thinking it is a wrong sized bearing issue.