String coming off the bearing, help?


This has happened a few times, the string starts on the bearing and then I see that it comes off it. How do I prevent this from happening?


The yoyo isn’t all the way closed. Are you using a thin bearing?


Take the string off the beating then screw the yoyo together. Then open the sting and put it around the yoyo then tighten the string. Go to Yo-Yo String and there is a video about how to change a string that helps

Mod edit: Link to other store replaced with a yoyoexpert video link. We have our own videos and tutorials here: YoyoExpert Tutorials


Thanks, I was unscrewing the yo-yo and putting the string on that way. Not sure about the bearing size. It’s the responsive bearing that was already in the recess first base. I haven’t tried the unresponsive bearing that came with it.


Don’t tighten it too much. You might have the wrong bearing/axle combo. Make sure you use the short axle with the skinny bearing and the long axle with the fat bearing. I’m not sure how the first base setup is but most responcive/unresponsive yoyos use this setup. But for sure your problem is the two halves are not together all the way.