YYF Onestar Issue


I’m having this issue with a Onestar where the string is going in between the bearing the the yoyo itself. Yoyo is screwed on correctly and bearing is sitting correctly, but there is just a gap there where the string goes in when I throw. Makes the yoyo unplayable.

Any suggestions?

Are you using a larger bearing or a smaller one? If you are using a smaller one, that could be why.

C bearing (large)

Hmm that is strange. I’ve never heard of this problem before.

I’ve never heard or experienced this problem either, but it happens consistently where it wasn’t a one time thing.

did you switch the bearing? if you tried switching the yyf out that could be the problem. yyf bearings are flat all the way to the edge and a yyj or one drop bearing has a slight curb down at the end. same thing happened to me years back


This was it. I looked at the bearing that it had it the end was slightly curved. Threw in a completely flat bearing and it took care of the issue.

Thanks for the suggestion.