Onestar bearing seat problem

Basically, if you tighten the yoyo properly, the bearing won’t spin at all, like the bearing seat is too small. I’ve tried a few bearings, and I thought shims might work, but I can’t find any. Just wondered if anyone had any advice, or if anyone else had had a similar problem?

The new white YYF not-released yet OneStar?
Mine is cranked down good. No problems. Spins great.

The inner lip of the bearing (the one just out from the post) seems to sort of dip in, thinking that may be the cause of the issue

I’ve had a similar problem with the YYF ONE, which has a plastic bearing seat just like the ONE-Star. I don’t really know what causes the problem though…this is one reason why I dislike plastic bearing seats.

Mine’s also tightened pretty good (not overcranked, just tightened properly) and no problems. Mind posting pictures of the bearing seat on yours? Maybe you have some gunk in the bearing seat that could be rubbing against the bearing. Otherwise, I’d contact YYF, they should be able to help you out if there’s a defect in the yoyo.

Where do you get a onestar?

Right now they are being sold at contests. They aren’t released yet. I got mine at BAC.

I have a problem with my OneStar too. With a flat bearing the string slips but with a string centering bearing our plays fine

Mine is stock. No issues with it!

if you are getting string slips you are not tighting it down enough or the yoyo was not made properly.
Be carful on plastics with string slip, I have melted the response wall on one once because I had a string slip.

Same problem with my WHiP.