Knots, What Do You Do?

Now, when I say knots I mean in the gap and string. So what do you guys do? Scream an cry and throw a tantrum (aka me ::)); pick out the knot and play, or replace the string?

Pick out the knot.

How to remove axle knots:

  1. Throw yoyo down in rage.
  2. Clamp hand or other body parts (i.e. head) that the yoyo bounced back and hit.
  3. Learn from rage and throw down 2-5 more times, more calmly.
  4. End rage fit, and aquire Multitool/Fork/Knife/Safety Pin.
  5. Use sharp object to remove knot.
  6. Continue throwing. (Repeat 5-10 times daily)
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1: Try to figure out how I got the knot. Hopefully don’t do what caused the knot.

2: Remove the knot.

3: Move on

I fixed it.

Depends on how old the string is. If it’s a reasonably fresh string, I’ll pick the knot out using tweezers or the Rhino multi-tool. If it’s getting a bit older, I just replace the string.


I am the master of untying knots. Not that I want this to reflect on my style.
String knots, knots in the yoyo…ha. If you need tips, let me know.

If I’m playing over carpet I drop it on the ground and pick up another one :slight_smile: Once I threw for 2 hours straight and went threw my entire case

Been there.

Unless the knot is simple to get out. String is super expendable.

Throw out the yoyo…

Ill usually scream for a few seconds, switch yoyos in a full blown fire fury, then once the flames subside, i unleash a mighty and powerful safety pin, and it does most of the work from there. I get knotty a lot though :wink:

take the string with the knot in it off of my yoyo and throw it into a pile, and when that pile is big enough, i put sauce of the pile of strings and eat it like spaghetti.

Thats the secret of how to be a good yoyoer, not practice (Lol practice is so dumb rite?) or learning tricks or any of that stupid stuff, but eating the strings like spaghetti with sauce. Also getting Square Wheels yoyos helps too.

Pick it. One time in frustration I just ripped the string off the yo-yo bare handed. Don’t do that, the string sliced right through my finger and I couldn’t play well for a week.

Depends on the size of the knot. If its a small, simple knot, I’ll just pick it. If I’m a little frustrated already and I get a knot that’s stupid (a WTF level knot), I just change the string.

Depends on how fresh the knot and string are. If the knot has been pulled really tight, I’ll just pitch the string. Same goes for if the string is more than an hour old.

String is super cheap (especially when you make your own), so I really see no reason to waste time untying a stubborn knot.

If I can’t get the knot out fairly easily, then I will just keep playing until either I have several knots or until I find that the knot gets in the way, but will usually end up changing out strings that same hour or day. Also, I’m not one to spend like 10 minutes trying to un-tie a knot on a .10-15 cent piece of string when I have a bundle in my case.

Play through the knots? Sounds so painful! I’ve learned to not mind taking crazy knots out.

I crank up the music loud and spend 10-20 minutes undoing the knot. ;D

I just pick out string knots. if it’s a knot around the bearing I rage and switch yoyos. if it happens again I just stop yoyoing.