Here’s the first one to start us off.

How many times have I told you knot to do that? ::slight_smile:


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Threw this knot the other day. Made me smile.

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In a previous life; you must have been the Sheriff of Knotingham🤓


All life is precious.

you need a tied and true picking tool. ;D


you all dont unscrew your throws?

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Knot if I can help it. Bearings fall out, strings slip off, bearings get exposed to dirt in the air, and it takes longer. With the numberof new tricks I’m trying on any given day, and the amount that I miss (a lot) and end up in some weird slipknot/twist, its easiest and fastest to just pull out my pick and tease it right out. Its also less wear on the axle/hub threads.

Also I’m a weirdo who likes to have a tools like a yoyo string pick just for the satisfaction of having a right tool for the job. :slight_smile:

Though, sometimes the wrong for tool for the job can be satisfying too:


Lol I wish I had a knot picking tool😂

^The tool above is cool^

Question: What do you call a bad piece of string?
Answer : Knotty

Knots make you want to quit… knot.

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That’s pretty awesome, btw. 8)

Got a knot in my yoyo once (yes just once (knot)), the next throw sent the gentle curve of a dv888 corner into my eye.

This tool is great to have on your keys.

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It’s safer to just quickly pick out the knot rather than unscrew the yoyo.

Every time you unscrew a yoyo there’s a chance you’ll lose parts and/or expose parts to dirt. And if you’re really in a hurry and not careful, there’s a chance you can cross thread your yoyo, eventually stripping the threads.

I like the look of that tool. Home made? Commercially available?

Its a from Monkey Finger out of canada, I dont know if they still sell them, Worth every penny!

Doesn’t look like they do. Out of stock at a couple other shops that came up in google results. Oh well. 8)


You can just ship that over to me so you don’t have to unknot it…