I was doing Eli hops


One of the nice things about the Horizon, is that you rarely need anything other than your fingers.

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Frack and filtercarb.

You must have been a good Boy Scout! Or are you a sailor?

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Dude change your string! It’s gone all furry.
I use a 5" nylon zip-tie to get tangles out, they have a narrow blunt tip that doesn’t cut the string, it doesn’t scratch wood or aluminum, and they are naturally kind of slippery.

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I keep a Leatherman Squirt on my keychain. I just use the tiny pliers to pull the knot out. That said, the best pick is a simple toothpick. No fear of scratching.

You mean like this?

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??? ??? ???

Good One!

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That’s what I’m talking about!

Puppy interrupted me and I needed to bail out of my combo…

That seems to be a popular knot.

It’s starting to trend, at least.

Mine looks like the previous one slightly, but it’s slightly different, and actually wasn’t a full-on knot. If I would have pulled on both leads it (possibly)would have come out, but I wasn’t about to risk a super tight real knot on a brand new Ammo.

;D Is that an actual not, or just a crazy string tensioned-twist?

( looks the part either way )

I think it will just come out if you pull on it.