Honor thy fellow yoyoer

i p-laying with my DM the other day when some guy say ooh cool let me try so i did, i didn’t really care cuz i have already dinged the heck out of it. so the guy try silly fool you dont know how to bind so typical he gets frustrated and says here you go and gives me my DM with a tangled up string two knots in it which took up most of my walk home to get out. So here are some thing you should always remember if you ever meet another yoyoer.

Most of this is just common courtesy

  1. make sure the string is rolled after you play (make sure to hand roll it not start the dead yoyo and then bind it binds sometimes leave string catches which can lead to a disaster and if you do bing get the string unstuck so the next throw will be nice and smooth)

  2. if you put a knot in the string give them a new one dont make them take it out OR take it out yourself)

remember a good yoyoer always has a extra string a courteous yoyoer always has two :smiley:

  1. be courteous if some one lets you use their yoyo let them try yours while your trying their yoyo recommend new yoyos give your opinion on other yoyos

  2. try to teach them a new trick or a cool way to combo the tricks they know or learn from them

  3. Exchange info tell them your myspace or about yoyoeXpert stay in touch most of the communication in the yoyoing community nowadays is all done through the interwebs

leave a comment add something to the list

  1. Have a friendly battle, have an unbiased non-yoer friend judge.
  1. Smile

Haha, that happens sometimes, and sometimes, i dont even know where people get knots!

lol i didnt even notice it until i threw it again i was like what the heck he put knots in it? ???

  1. Let Samad have your yoyos.

Eh? Eh?

Good idea!

Boxes them up

Then Samad gives Chris the Yo-yos

Most people try to use it, cant figure out how to get my very responsive yo-yo to come back up and leave me with an unwound, extra dinged yo-yo. ;D (not)

Don’t pretend you’re good and just throw the dead yoyo around randomly.

Always carry a beater :smiley: :smiley:

A wut??? ??? ??? ???

A yoyo that you are not afraid to ding, scratch, etc.

Oh I C

We should have a thread about how you hate it when commoners disrespect our love for the spinning top on a string

your only a click away from being the founder of that thread