Im a Beginner/Intermediate and I have a Question, or 2?

So first off im new to the site, Thank you, Thank you, and yes i do plan on staying. lol. Ive been viewing this site for about 2 weeks, As long as ive been yoyo-ing. Anyway, back to the main question(s), i have a DarkMagic, as you can see in my fave yoyo, and i started with a Mosquito for my beginner tricks, took yous guyses advice on that one. I can bind and do pretty much all the tricks on intermediate and am gonna be start getting into advanced soon but i seem to be getting knots often and a very tight string, i end up just having to stop and pull the knots out which takes awhile and is there a way to help me not get knots, dismount most tricks in a different fashion cuz i tend to generally drop or dismount how andre dismounts in his tuts. And with the string tightening thing i use ufo because i use DM and i cant get it responsive AT ALL, i have the gap so tightened that im scared to tighten it anymore or my plastic my break or my axle will snap and i use thick lube and everything else stock, yet still completely UNRESPONSIVE. The unresponsive thing is not at all a problem cuz i can do a bind quite well now, dedicated a whole day to binding practice, but would still like to do some of the responsive tricks, stop and go and especially sidewinder… hate ufo… but yeah, i need some help with knots and string tension techniques, any suggestions appreciated.

Hey DarthVaughn, glad to have you here! :slight_smile:

Your string tension problem is quite easy to fix. Here is a little trick that will help ya’!

And as for the knot problem, there is not much to do besides practice. I suggest opening the gap a little more after learning the string twisting trick though, so that way it may not snag as easy.

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask! :wink:


Just feel the need to show you the classic “Stop and Go” on an unresponsive PGM.

Samad covered the string tension stuff.

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Thanks samad, that truly helped alot. Ive been practicing the “washing machine,” cool name btw, only a few minutes and have it down pretty much. It was perfect timing cause im trying to “perfect” my intermediate moves, split the atom, atomic bomb/barrel rolls, and mach 5 who all use the split bottom mount. So as i have already said, perfect timing. i do have two more questions tho, sorry for all the noob-ish-ness. lol. Is there anyway to improve my throw, i tend to make the yoyo lean this way —> like /, so if youre right handed the left side is higher than the right, is there a special technique to throwing besides the normal tut? I make a “muscle,” show off the guns lol, then throw my arm at the ground like im trying to kill it with my brick known as my DM, whilst popping my wrist. I have a decent sleep time, which im quite happy with, but i just cant seem to make it straight, ive tried like turning my hand and wrist awkwardly to counter-act the / throw but it works like 1 out of 20 throws. next question, its okay if you dont feel like answering this one its not as important, but do you know how to make it more responsive? As ive said, i generally keep it uber-tight and the string tension even and even thick lube that i apply anytime i think im starting to “break in” my bearing. Ive played with it “broken in” and it still doesnt effect it. I tried to use a duncan friction sticker, lemme start by saying… BAD IDEA!!! No sleep at all and it eventually started to melt onto my starburst… you prolly knew that though lol. Any advice on these? My guess… PRACTICE!!!

Thank you rsmod, im gonna try that later in the morning, im kind of tired but not too tired to fall asleep. Looks cool though and i do have a question about it, with my free hand do i grab the loop instead of having it around my finger or have it around my finger and pinch the loop?

Any one, as long as you’re pinching the loop, and its not sliding. Make sure that the string is pinched, grabbing it is fine. When you roll it up, the string will start wraping around the axle, then it will come back.

Ill have to try that out… Thanks.

If you have tile or somewhere that has straight lines on the ground, use that to try to correct your throw. Try to line up the yoyo with those lines. If you get better but you still have problems occassionally, check out this video.

As for the responsiveness, the Dark Magic is made to be unresponsive, so I would recommend just working on binding more so you don’t have to have it responsive. If you really want to help make it more responsive anyways, double loop the axle.

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