Yoyo noob needs help!


Ok guys, I just started yoyo-ing yesterday. Currently I owned a Legacy and A Speed Beetle.
Now this is what I needed help.
Is there any tricks to loosen string tensions for unresponsive yoyo?? I mean unresponsive yoyos cannot do UFO and Sidewinder right? So is there any tricks to loosen string tension???


You are not a noob. Just new.


This is a good video, a good trick I do everyday. Loosens tension. If you need to tighten tension, you throw a backwards sleeper, by turning your body and then sleeping.

P.S. MORE SINGAPOREANS!!! ;D :smiley: :slight_smile:

Are you from NJC?


Haha!!! Thanks alot… I’m only 15 studying in Clementi town sec =) :smiley:

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That video is a great one for the string tension. Im a noob myself, ive only been yoyoing for almost a month now, and in the beginning I was stopping like every 2 minutes and letting my yoyo hang down and spin out the tension (the old fashion way). What I’ve learned is that the best thing you can do for string tension is to not build it up in the first place. Sometimes there’s nothing you can do about it, but one HUGE thing you can do is learn how to hand start your yoyo. There is a video of it on here, I think its in advanced one. You can also do a snap start, but its a lot harder. The worst thing for tension is winding up your yoyo every time you mess up a trick, or if it doesn’t come back to your hand. The hand start will be frustrating at first, but practice it more than anything else and you will be glad you did. It only took me one day to get the hang of it, it shouldn’t take more than a few days at best though.


Welcome to the forum, and yoyoing!

There is a great search button. I found several topics like this. You can read through them and find lots of videos and helpful information.

Again, welcome. Feel free to ask any questions you may have.