What to you use to pick out knots?

I don’t mean knots in your string, but I don’t know the accepted term of when the string gets wrapped around the axle twice. A ‘bearing knot’? Let it be done…

Anyways, I use this little fella. My mom (who passed about a year ago) got it for me a while back. I don’t remember why, or even when, but one day I just…had it.

Actually its primary function isn’t one that is forum appropriate, but I found that its slenderness (not to mention coolness) is perfect for assisting in my yoyoing.

I call it The Wizard. If someone can figure out why, I’ll give them a 5% discount on select items in my BST.

I haaaate my brother’s point and shoot camera; these were the best pictures I could get. Can’t wait til my T2i arrives. Merry Christmas to myself :smiley:

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toothpick. although i havnt had to use one in a few weeks. i guess im not throwing enough. lol

Most people call it an axle knot.

I ain’t most people.

I call it a green triangle knot.

I usually use whatever is thin, long, and is near me. Often mechanical pencils with the lead extended out.

Why not just unscrew the yoyo and get it out? ???

I’ve used scrap MTG cards, but most recently pencils.

I’m the first person to say “unbent paperclip”? Weird. I keep one in my wallet.

Isn’t that one of Ed’s 60 rules or something?

@ArchersAxe: if you have a paperclip at hand, it’s faster. Also, some yoyos I dread unscrewing, like my C3 Token. It has a crappy little axle that is rumoured to strip easily. Rather just pick the knot than open that bad boy up too many times.

I use tweezers. I have some nice long, slender craft tweezers made for handling paper. They work very well grabbing the axle knots; although I find it helps to understand their anatomy. I seldom need to unscrew the yoyo now.

Yeah I use a paperclip as well.

i grow out my non throw hand pinky nail slightly longer than the rest, so i can pick those knots with ease. works great!

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Do you call it the wizard because it looks like a Wizard?

I try to use a toothpick unless the knot is too tight. Then I use a paperclip. But I worry I’ll scratch the ano with a paperclip. So I only use one when a toothpick won’t do the job.

The “wizard” looks like Gandalf. Am I right? A big dork? Both? ;D

That’s my tool set as well. Toothpick rarely fails.

I either unscrew it, or use a monkey finger.

You nailed it.

I like to think so :stuck_out_tongue: I love LoTR

Yeah might wanna be careful with that. People are going to think you’re a cokehead lmao.

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Okay what’s 5% off on your BST?

Am I the only one that is really curious of its primary purpose? Haha


I always carry a paperclip.

the plastic part on the end of my glasses broke off, leaving a metal piece small enough to remove bearing knots.

I also keep a paperclip in my wallet.