I’m sure we’ve all had our fair share of knots while playing with yoyos, especially those annoying knots around the axle. Whether it was from a dropped green triangle or from a bad bind, we’ve all had those axle knots. I think it’s a pain to unscrew my yoyo to undo the knot, so I’ll try anything to get out the knot and keep my yoyo assembled. I like to use these tiny plastic sword-shaped toothpicks (the kind you stick in a fancy sandwich). They’re sharp and sturdy and perfect for getting out axle knots. When I don’t have one of those around, I use the yyf multitool. I think Monkeyfinger makes a specialized tool for just such a purpose, so I’ll definitely have to check that out. What do you use to get out axle knots?

Well I grab pen pencil or for really complicated ones around axle I use a super thin Needle. Also I am lazy so I start looping for 5 minutes then get a new yoyo in a few minutes cause I am too lazy to take out knot

I unscrew the yoyo and pull it out, if I can’t reach it with my fingers.

Provided I’m wearing a hoodie, let alone a hoodie with draw strings with the plastic-wrapped tips, I just use those to undo a tangle. When I was younger, I always kept something with me since my friends and I were all playing with Duncan Imperials. Once you got a knot in those, it was all bad, especially when there were multiples. Everyone always came to me to ‘perform surgery’ on their yoyos when they got a snag or if they needed their Imperials put back together since they would yank 'em apart and strip the treads holding the axle in place. So yea, I was the yoyo doctor back then.

I’m still trying to master Ninja Vanish so my newest hobby is knot removal ;).

I used to use my car keys to remove knots until I got my Dv888 and I didn’t want to mess it up so I switched over to a wood toothpick. I keep it on a bookshelf where I keep and throw my yo-yos. I need something to carry with me when I go out because if I get a knot and I am not near the bookcase I have to take the yo-yo apart.

I always carry around a paper clip with one side unbent. I can use this like the Monkey Pick you mentioned to reach right in and loosen the knot. Lately I’ve also been bending the tip of the extended prong. This gives me more leverage for the grip.

A larger paperclip made of heavier metal works a little better than a thin one, which tends to bend.

Here’s a picture. Sorry it’s blurry; I was too lazy to go get my camera and just used my webcam. If it’s confusing, let me know and I’ll post a better one.

I have a monkey pick, so I usually use that if it’s convenient. otherwise I just unscrew my yoyo.

Another thing I’ll use if I happen to be helping my son brush his teeth is the sharp point on a flosser like these: . They are sharp like a toothpick or those plastic swords. But the paperclip is what I keep in my pocket.

Another nice thing about the paperclip is that you can attach it to stuff like a notebook, your wallet, your backpack, your belt loop, …

Dude, I totally do that too.

How is the monkey pick? Was it a worthwhile purchase?

@AngryGumball: I remember having to do “surgery” on my Imperial years ago. Good times, man.
“Are you ready to operate doctor?” “Yes, but first I have to perform surgery.”

And @thousandlegs: That’s a pretty great idea! It’s the perfect tool for difficult knot detail.

When I can I use my finger, But I just keep a straightened paper clip bent onto my key ring so I always have it.



I just unscrew the yoyo and undo it every time. I can do that so much faster than screwing around with a paper clip or anything else. Thats just me though.

I use a bent dissecting needle from my old dissecting kit. I just leave it on top of my case so its easy to reach.

It also works good to deshield bearings.

wooden toothpick usually carrying them in my wallet

a friend always opens his throw and for some, reason, his throw always end up dying some way or another (axle dying or getting crazy vibe etc…)

I only open my throws when there’s no other way around for maintenance reasons. that said, doing 5A I often get “non axle” knots, like in the string. i usually use my fingers for those but it can take quite some time.

yea I usually do this since its way faster, don’t have patience to pick out a knot from the axle. And Never have any problems with vibes, etc. If you are careful with screwing and unscrewing it then you shouldn’t have any issues :slight_smile:

haha same here…

This is what i do.

Although, if i can reach my little fingers into the gap, than i pull out the knot.

Paper Clip or Fingers

i have a special wooden toothpick for knots.
when i can’t find my toothpick i use whatever i can find, such as:
a pen/pencil
paper clip
loop900 axle key
a piece of uncooked angel hair pasta (don’t ask)
a match
a pen cap

Coming from a point where there was basicly no screw apart yoyos, I find it one of the main things I like about new yoyos. I unscrew them, I have some I have unscrewed 1000’s apon 1000’s of times with no ill effect.

be careful i have a popstar and was unscrewing it alot (first yoyo) and eventually the threads in it knurled out because of the steel on aluminum friction now i have a phoenix and am really careful i use medical tweezers. be careful unscrewing

I just unscrew my throws to get at the knots, but sometimes it can be annoying and put me off my “flow” :wink: