One piece yoyo knot

My dad has an old one piece yoyo called a Duncan Professional, it has a very narrow width, and I got a knot in it and it is one piece so I can’t unscrew it. How do I get the knot out?

Pick it out with a pin.

OK I will try but there is a lot of space between the center of the yoyo and the edge of the yoyo. Thanks

The power of the fingers. My mom pwns at getting knots out.

I’m the power of the finger too! I took them off many times.

Happy Throwing! =]

i started to yoyo with a butterfly so i had to learn how to take knots out and im awesome at it

I use tiny little tweezers to get knots out on fixed axle yoyos

Does anybody ever Knot Fish anymore?

i get you to do it ;D

My name? I knot fish all the time.


Took me a minute to figure it out.